Saturday, October 18, 2008

Subscribed to Talents

I youtube a lot. However I only subscribed to two channel.

It so happened that both of them are related to music and Korean.

The first one would be David Choi. He's an Korean-American. Not so sure but I guess so. He has just released his debut album and he covered quite a number of songs in his channel in Youtube.

I got to know David from Joe when he covered David's song in his blog.

David now has more than sixty thousands of subscriber and it's still growing.

His voice is powerful and husky. He plays the guitar and he composes songs. He is funny and he doesn't smile. He is a godsend song writer, music producer and singer.

But most importantly, he can certainly sing into people's heart.

Meet David

One of his early composition. When I first heard him, he got less than one thousand subscribers.

and I wonder whether his album is available in Malaysia?

Click here for David Choi's Youtube Channel.

and my second subscription is a finger-style guitarist.

It happened one day that I saw Sungha Jung on ah hau's msn personal message and out of curiousity I Googled it and I couldn't help it but I subscribed to his channel right away.

Sungha Jung plays finger-style and he plays it better than millions of people on earth. He is definitely one hell of the prodigy guitarist of this century.

His passion and love for this six string is vibrant and every pluck of the string shakes my heart and my soul. He speaks through his guitar.

and he is only twelve.

and he only started playing guitar when he was nine.

Inside this tiny body is a huge ambition and a heart-warming dream.

He reminds me of August Rush. and please, you have to listen to this. This is an original song by the band U2.

I'll never hesitate to buy if he comes out with his own album.

Click here to know more about this little genius.

At the end of the day, I have no choice but to say that Korean rocks?


Niel said...

I tot it was 'Japanese rock'?
but the guitaring is superb.

Kyflein said...

my.. how can this be so beautiful?

~R3n3e~ said...

omg!! like it so much...

joe wee chuah said...

heyy!!haha never thought u would blog bout this! there are many many other very very talented unsigned artists around...and another one i love and inspired me a lot is Passion...the great thing is that he's a christian too...and his music are great! many people have got popular through's a great way to reach out to the world...just like all these artists...
really good hey!! so man....keep up ur song writing and composing...!! and hope that ur music will be heard by many one day!

specialhuman said...


:P Thinking of taking Korean classes next year! :P


yeah. It's indeed beautiful


hehe. Subscribe to him la


yeah. The world is flat.

Me getting famous? haha. It's tough la. I don have that much of talents.