Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Not So Selamat Hari Raya

Yesterday, the first day of Hari Raya, my family and I went to Sungai Petani for a two day one night hotel stay. On the way home today, we had enough of the bad food and bad attitude in the restaurants in Sungai Petani and decided that we'll head to Lunas for it's big time famous roast duck rice.

We were using a narrow and snake-like road to Lunas. I was behind the wheel and there was a medium size container truck in front of me. Since it was blocking my sight of the road, I tried to overtake it but there were cars in the opposite lane so I had no choice but to stay behind it. Since the truck was slow moving, I couldn't go fast and there were already a few cars behind me sticking my ass looking for chances to overtake me.

Out of all freaking sudden, the truck in front halted. I was about 10 meters away so I had to step on the brake fast. I looked at the rear mirror and I found that there was a van approaching at a very high speed so I let go of the brake and manoeuvre my car to the right hand side to avoid being banged by the van and then I saw the cause of the truck stopping - a little kancil trying to make a right turn into the kampung road. Within a split second, from the rear mirror, I saw the van behind me successully pulling off to the left hand side and I thought Phew, I made it...... and


I was banged by the van behind me.


I pulled off my car and we get out from the car.

My Toyota! Poor thing

Well, the van banged me because the car behind it banged it.

The unfortunate man who got his van banged and banged my car. Faster go buy TOTO :P 

The Toyota Innova who banged the van and caused  the van to bang my car. The engine cover couldn't even be opened and the coolant for engine was leaking already.

It was indeed a trully Malaysian accident. All three races were involved. lol. It ruined their Hari Raya I guess. 

Negotiating. Well at least everyone talked like civilised people. No yelling, screaming or hair pulling were involved in the process. XD

All we could do was just to have some ice creams. Kae Min squatting to savour his choco ice cream under the burning sun. 

My dad doing some first-aid to my car. My mum holding the umbrella. Me taking photo. Hey, after taking this picture, I got help one ok?

A bandaged Toyota.

About one hour later, they settled the matter and we continued our journey. This round, my dad drove the car.

To console our heart-broken soul, we proceeded our quest for the roast duck rice in Lunas.

Tan Kee Roast Duck

We ordered a duck, fried vege and a bowl of cai bui soup

Crunchy, juicy and most important, it didn't have that kind of ducky pungent odour which most people can't stand.

Cai Bui or 菜尾 was invented when people pour all leftover dishes into a pot and cook it with chillies and pepper. It turned out to be something with a distinctive taste! (of coz this one is not leftover la~ People cook it purposely one)

After four year of driving, this was the most serious bumper to bumper accident I had. I'm glad that no one was hurt and thank God for keeping me and my family in one piece. Things could have turned out to be much uglier u know.

Last but not least, today's accident taught me a precious lesson:

Don't play play with lorries! :P


calvin said...

blog about accident mah enough lah.
no need to put all those food pictures one, okay?

Niel said...

lucky lucky lucky

stupid said...

bit weird to put accident with food together~ haha..

anyway, glad that this blog can be posted up~

~Live Life~ said...

Accidents do happen...juz be careful...

Anyway, thank god for nothing serious happened...

Is that place you all ate roast duck and chai bui famous? where is it exactly?

KY KHOR said...

Lessons of the post:

1. Take down the car plate number immediately after an accident - for fortune making.

2. Take photo(s) immediately after an accident - for blogging.

3. Celebrate the accident with delicious meal. Take some photo(s) for blogging too.

4. Don't play play with lorries.


Where did the ice cream came from?

Kerby said...

so how s the car now? poor thing soon can get well :-) but any how, u still enjoy the good food right? hehehehe

+_c said...

i've got the same question with ky khor,where the ice cream came from?sent down by the angel to console your little bro(he really looks like you fr this pic);p

thank God it was just a minor injured to ur beloved wife,claim insurance fr the guy follow aft you yeah!

Anonymous said...

to +_c :

who is the little bro u mention abt ?
little ur head, my fist is even bigger than ur brain...
i got the ice cream from a shop nearby... logical thinking la~~~ (n i nvr look like kae vin, i m much more handsome than

Bill Rancic said...

why so defensive one anonymous? +_c was just giving a comment la, dun get so hyped over nothing

specialhuman said...


But that duck rice was real nice~ :P


Not pure luck la.


Hahaha. After accident, hungry, must eat la. :P


~live life~:

Yeah. Have to be very careful. It happens all the time. Today alone I witnessed 3 accidents in Penang already. Scary man.

The roast duck is at Lunas. Somewhere near Kulim. It's is very famous. Search for "Lunas roast duck" in google n u'll know.

ky khor:

LOL. Thanx for summing up everything~ Sounds cool ;p

The ice cream? U heard of big bang theory? :P

It's from a kedai runcit nearby XD


Yeah. Fixed it already. Just drove it around today~ XD and yeah, we enjoyed the good food ;)


Yeah, my 'wife' is already with a little bit of scar on her left butt cheek. XD

and as u see, Kae Min was furious about people calling him little bro. lol. Just call him Kae Min instead :)

Kae Min:

Can't u just speak with some manners~? =_= and yeah la u r much more handsome wth. lol

Bill Rancic:

What a name! I got watch the apprentice one k?

He was just being cheeky. Don mind.

Anonymous said...

to bill rancic :

so keh poh for wat ? i was juz giving a comment also...

to kaevin :

it's not abt manner or no manner, if there is a program in ur blog tat can read out the tone of comments, then maybe it was my fault to say tat.

+_c said...

'little bro' simply means 你的小弟弟,i assume you only hv 1 brother ma isnt it true?!
anyway, hi kae min!nice to meet you! :)

ChrIs said...

LOL a 'A Not So Selamat' Hari Raya

hmmmm your brother does look like you in some way... :)

btw, nice duck really, *drooling....

anson said...

thank God tat i can still sit in to the toyota.. :p

maybe little bro, ops.. or i shd say kae min shd invent the special program for this blog??

btw, i love the way km eating the ice cream.. LOL..

Anonymous said...

to +_c :

however ... pai seh for the previous comment ... haha, nice to meet u too ~~~ :)

specialhuman said...


Y? Looking for candidates to be ur future son-in-law~? XD


hahaha. Yeah but he kept insisting he is more handsome :P

U tried the duck b4? U live in BM and it's just 20minutes drive there right?


Yeah definitely. But I guess I m not driving that car back to KL. Maybe gonna exchange car with my dad. But it's not final. :P

kae min:

Fast fast book her daughter :P

bambootong said...

"My dad doing some first-aid to my car. My mum holding the umbrella. Me taking photo. Hey, after taking this picture, I got help one ok?"

eh, you are 此地无银三百两

Niel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Niel said...

hmmm...this is highly reminiscent of that post...the one with the most comments

specialhuman said...


.....I was just clarifying and telling the truth k?


Hmm...not even close la...XD

+_c said...

kaevin,saying 'hi' bcox i nv see your bro at home during my last visit ma :p. say 'her' again!
sing nei gui yun ya!

btw kaemin,dont worry i nv feel offended of your previous comment,tats the way ppl expressing themselves today,i can fully understand!:)

bambootong said...

i just say for fun ,干嘛这样大的反应???
you 做贼心虚????

specialhuman said...


Hahaha. Is that a she?


Did I? ;P