Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nights on the Island

What will you do if you are stranded on an island?

Cry? Start a camp fire? Perhaps you will start building a tent with tree branches and leaves like how they do in Lost.

Fortunately, I'm stranded on Penang island.


So basically I wake up everyday at 7am, go work at 745, then start my day. I kiss my company goodbye everyday at 530pm (not that sharp la. Sometimes I pretend to be hardworking so I leave late at 545pm like that. :P)

I sleep around 12 everyday. So basically I have 6 hours plus after work. As I'll be only stranded in Penang for three months temporarily, I have no choice but to spend it nicely and wisely.

Usually, I'll change my clothes and go for basketball! The good thing about the basketball court here is that there are spot lights around, so even after it goes dark, we can continue playing. Normally I'll play together with my room mate until around 8 o'clock. We rest for a while and proceed with our dinner.

Lights on!

Anyway, today it was a lil bit different as I picked up another night activity.

No, it was not clubbing.

and no, it was not stalking. See below for answer


Yeah you got it right! It's kick-boxing!! taking Japanese class. *secretly wishing to take up kick-boxing as well* :P

If you guys remember (who remember lol?), I have been taking up Japanese class since beginning of this year. However it was my Uni extra interest class so even after half a year I was still in beginner level.

So few days back I saw this intermediate class starting today for a duration of 32 lessons and 2 lesson per week. I thought I might as well give myself a shot to try it out. So I went there and tried out the first lesson.

Well, I'm way lagging behind and I could only understand 60% of the lesson. Anyway, I decided to enroll for the lesson because out of 12 people in class 10 are girls it's a waste if I totally forget what I learnt in the past after these three months. However, I could only attend maximum 20 lessons so I asked for a discount. Apparently they don't allow that. No choice. I guess I will have to pay full amount to learn slightly more than half of the lessons. Here goes my money~ *sounds of flapping wings*

One more thing before I signed off: I joined Penang Bridge Run Half Marathon!! Yay!

I'm gonna run 25km!!!It has been 5 years since I last joined. Here I come Penang bridge!

but frankly, I'm so gonna be so dead. 25km??? I have never even walked that far before.

Courtesy of www.asiaexplorer.com

Today I sounded a bit hyper. Blame the caffeine!

p/s: for more info on Penang bridge marathon, visit: http://www.penangmarathon.gov.my


calvin said...

Weh, how about the extra online Japanese class you started on the same day with me? I demand for a mention also!

Nah, here is my spam, as requested =)

P/S: I expect you hater will say that you are showing off again by learning a new language here lol

KY KHOR said...

I'll laugh swinging my medal on your face if you can't get the 25km race medal.


so.... feeling more motivated now?

a fren of kae vin said...

to calvin: can u not invite more trouble for kae vin?why is it everytime u say that , pple start writing nonsense on his blog ,unless u are one of those haters , i suggest u stop putting those kinda comments....since there is not much attention in ur blog dun ask for trouble....

Anonymous said...

I smell trouble again...i wish u luck on your marathon hmm.. will I see you lying flat on Km 7.5 of the bridge? seriously doubt your skinny body can take the pressure

stupid said...


~Live Life~ said...

Good luck pal in your Penang Bridge run...

One piece of advice...train up a bit...work out everyday and you will be fine...but still...after that 25km experience...your legs will 罢工 a couple of days...i think!

Gambatte in ur japanese course too...

specialhuman said...


I wanted to but you have to know that later everyone knows u know japanese and ask u to teach them then u'll be too busy. It's for your own good :P

p/s: hmm. They don't want your expectation to come true :)


When did you do that? That one was 21.4km k?

Anyway I'm motivated!

*clenching fists*

a fren of kae vin:

hoho. Thanks. Can I know who are you?

actually Calvin desperately needs those haters in his blog :P


It has been a long while with people calling me skinny bones already. I'm flattered! haha. I hope I can finish the 25km la.

That's even if I have to crawl to the finishing line.




~live life~:

Sure. I'll do that. I have already got some advice from some experts :)

ya I'll concentrate more on the lessons in the class. :P

calvin said...

No you won't, with the numbers of girls in your Japanese class =D

And by the way, the so-called haters came to my blog once, and that is more than enough. Let it be the first and the last =)

Mcfoody said...

hey , i wanna thank you for the food blog website u gave me ,its really good :)

specialhuman said...


hoho. U'll never know.


You are most welcomed. This is another one:


Enjoy urself :)