Monday, October 27, 2008

Lead Us Forward - Prelude

In the passing three days I went to Cameron Highland, again.

Anyway, it was not a trip but it was a camp in CheFoo School in Brinchang.

It was the 30th Anniversary of my church in Setapak.

It was relaxing, it was a great experience.

and it was a reminder...

To be continued.....


Kia said...

reminder?why so suspense ?

Anonymous said...

Lmao ... my nike...

shawn kL said...

like dat oso 1 post

Daniel nG said...

Go to Cameran again?
U Also go de meh???
THis call Fren laa???@

specialhuman said...


lol. No suspense how to attract people? :P


You should let me wear the new one. Hehe


Like that also comment :P


I didn't go there to play, I went there for church camp.


Next time call u out to play la.

Kyflein said...

I was there too in CH. hah~

specialhuman said...


Haha. I guess u suffered the traffic jam more than enjoying the strawberries? :P

anson said...

dun be so perasan.. u tot after ur post on strawberries then ppl start going CH bcoz of tat?? pengsan.. haha..

i love the route to CH more than strawberries.. :)

specialhuman said...


I where got perasan. That day CH was indeed traffic jam ma. lol.

Love the route more than strawberries? lol. You thought you are initial D a. :P