Sunday, October 05, 2008

Give Me a Reason

I got really emotional today. Perhaps it's the internship that's been bothering me.

Well actually, not really. I got emotional everytime there's a change in my life. I don't quite get used to changes I guess.

and actually that's a good thing. When I got emo, it could become some kind of motivation for me to do something. Like go jogging, swimming, playing basketball or driving. Sometimes, the emo-ness just transformed into words and music and it became my inspiration to compose.

When I woke up in the morning
I needed some reminder
I wasn’t sure who I was
And why was I here.

When I looked into the mirror
I saw someone familiar
Was it my imagination?
Or I just looked different.

I started thinking
Is that the life I always wanted?
To fit in the world
Longing to be accepted?
Tell me what should I do?
To jump out from this dead end corner
(They said no man is an island How come I feel so abandoned?)
I guess there’s no answer (I feel like so eternal)

Give me a reason. Reason to make me feel alright
Give me a reason. What’s wrong with my perfect little life?
I need illusion. Illusion keeps things out of sight
I need solution. Anything that will just blow my mind

I was looking at the lyrics. :)

My first ever attempt to write an English song. Well there's a few disclaimers here:

1. I'm only an Engineering student with no formal training in any sort of music instrument. Please excuse my pitchy voice and my a bit typical tune.

2. I'm Chinese-ed. I speak mandarin daily and I read Chinese newspaper. Therefore, pardon my diction and my lyric which is full of clichés and grammar mistake.

Please give honest comment about this song. If you find it similar to some songs please leave a comment to kindly notify me. I need to know did I accidentally copy a song.

Thank you and enjoy the song.


Tyrese Gibson said...

you really seem to be a person that wants to enter showbiz really badly , and im not simply commenting here.....but based on all the previous entries , i find to seem that you like to be the person on spotlight in an event ....but the clip was ok....did you watch a lot of mandopop when young?.....

calvin said...

The song was not the best I have seen from you, but you did that spontaneously and I would say it was not bad. Chorus part sounds a lil bit like a Chinese song at the ending of the second and forth line.

Don't worry, you will be fine. I felt exactly the same a few days before my holidays were ending, when I was supposed to return to Japan the other day. It was emotional, I felt so hard to leave, but in the end, after a few days, it got better and I am back to normal now :)

Changes are essential, otherwise you would not get to improve yourself and stuck to the same old self. You will get to learn new things, new experiences, new friends (and maybe a few more haters, perhaps? =P) from the internship.

Have fun in the upcoming three months ;)

P/S: Hope you will not need your Harry Potter story books this time around xD

anson said...

loked the door somemore? haha.. lol.. "studio ON" :p

maybe if u present the song at a more suitable place and it might give me another feeling towards the song..

the reason is always there.. but the problem is not everytime we wanna accept the reason and keep thinking the other way round.. :)

btw, im emotional too.. :p

Niel said...

not bad...actually it's bravo =.=
mai kia, Lord is with you all the time!!

~Live Life~ said...

Good me, its a good simple song, but I can't compare with anything coz I didn't listen to any of your previous productions...haha...

Don't be so paiseh in front of the camera...say Jay...juz my suggestion...

Anyway, you have talent! Continue to do what you are passionate matter what others' opinions...

Last words...Change is constant...

joe wee chuah said...

yo man...u did a pretty good job...i can feel that with just a little bit of changes to the song will be perfect ey. good job mate! when i have time...i'd love to do a rendition of this song hahaha...take carez!!

moses@りゅうこ said...

i love the song.. finally a song tat i can fully understand. Lol! English was ok.. keep it up! remember there is no perfect singer.. but there are hardworking singers. *wink~!

specialhuman said...

tyrese gibson:

Another big name gain. Well I entered an engineering company today XD A totally different world. Showbiz? My childhood dream maybe. Who doesn't like to be on spotlight if they can?? haha. Thanks. I didn't watch much mandopop when I was young.


Which is the best? Which Chinese song? Haha. I m not saying I'll not be fine. I just go emo. :P

and I wont need my harry potter this round ;P


Why so observant? XD Don wanna be disturbed ma.

Where? Beach? haha.

Then y r u emo? ;p


Thanx! Bo kia. XD

~live life~:

No I m not paiseh. Just kept forgetting the lyrics. So I looked at the lyrics all the while. Hah.

joe wee:

Thanx! Looking forward to ur rendition!


hahaha. Hardworking singer? I'm not one of them. I m a carefree singer ;p

vicky said...

HI! first of all nice to meet u in blogosphere!!!!I just wanted to ask u a question about one of ur tags that is : friends..i jus wanted to know as a guy , we all need a best friend(one person), so my question is who is ur best fren ?i wanted to ask u this as there are so many posts that u say u really appreciate frens , so im sure there are many out there who want to know also,and please dun say all ur frens la , be specific , lol, and im vicky by the way , hope to hear from u soon , thanks

PrincessX said...

it's normal to get emo sometimes, i'm not saying this because i'm a girl...there's nothing wrong with your own perfect little life...but don't you think sometimes changes make your life better and help you to grow?

you're doing fine for your song, just that...the verse sounds chinese to me leh...haha

anson said...


beach is a good idea! try it out! :p

im emo just bcoz im also a human being.. :)

specialhuman said...


Thanks for reading my older archives. and u did read it in a very detail manner.

Anyway I can't tell u who's the best fren of mine. Coz I got a few of them and I should not be disclosing their identity here.

Sorry to disappoint u.


Really a? My diction too chinese dy. Hahaha.

Ya I guess there's nothing wrong. It's just lyrics afterall :P

Thanks ya. When;s ur turn to compose? XD

specialhuman said...


......Beach? This is not a sunshine song k?

oh then I m specialhuman I should be especially emo right? XD