Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buddy Lunch

It's the tenth day since I started my internship.

Frankly, I like the environment and the whole concept of the job and mostly importantly, I get to drink Nescafe, Milo, Coke, F&N and 100plus anytime I want, FOC. and I have unlimited supply of Twisties, Double decker, mimi, Mamee, Maggi Cup Noodle and whatsoever. and I get to play Wii for an hour a day. and I get treated in the restaurant that I would rarely step into as a student. Now who say engineering is boring? XD

and the thing is,

I'm just an intern.  

In fact, I was brought to Swensen's to have my buddy lunch today :)

Queensbay Mall

It was a three course meal lunch set.

Creamy Clam soup.

Grilled Fish

Chocolate Ice Cream Malt

The taste was okay. Nothing beyong my spoilt tastebud la. They somemore used fresh water fish for the main course.  Even if they tacticfully covered the 'muddy  taste' of it, I can still differentiate it. Hehehe. U can't cheat someone who grew up just next to fishing village k? *evil grin*Anyway the clam soup was good but I didn't see any clam inside. Perhaps it was meant to be invisible? XD and the ice cream was the only decent food there (Since Swensens's has got a reputation for ice-cream) but my colleague said McD's better~ What the?

and my blog is gradually turning into a food blog zomg. Nooooo..........


calvin said...

Hohoho, you are talking about your company once again. Soon you shall see another comment that says, "GROSS" lol xD

anson said...

he is talking about food again..
haha.. :p

Anonymous said...

YA ya , he is just talking about how everyone seems to like him wherever he goes

KY KHOR said...

not sure what are your intern job nature(programming/QA/research/dataentry). do you like it?

=chuanguan= said...

kaevin...hahah..hahahah..da 3rd commentor really seems every1 love u wherever u go..wahhaa....wahha... gotcha..haha...:p

calvin was absolutely rite..haha...

damn..seriously, ur intern is nice...but mine..i can follow my supervisor wit his supplier makan nice food..but really leaching only

PrincessX said...

hey, if you need details of going to sipadan, just add me at

it'll be easily for us to talk about it over msn.

specialhuman said...


No GROSS this time. hah


U got it.


Thanks for that. Now I know it. :)

ky khor:

I would say it's more to coding and scripts writing and data compilation and debugging.

Ya I like it. :)

chuan guan:

R u one of them? haha

Ya. U almost become calvin's worshiper dy. What you need now is just a statue of him. :P

U memang like that. Don feel bad. Just make ur face thicker. Hahaha


Thanks a lot!!!

Pro-diver! ;)

=chuanguan= said...

u thank that Anonymous?haha...haha...u dun get wat he meant..u should read it again and again then u will understand..i wondered if wat he said u dun come intel wan u? muahahhaa...
i memang thick skin..i leach all my :P

specialhuman said...

chuan guan:

lol. Y should I give him the response he anticipated? Haha. U r the one who doesn't understand :P

Haihh...too bad I'm ur friend. Somemore u r coming to Penang. That time sure leach me until my blood dries up.