Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I gave myself a second thought before uploading this post because I don't wanna get comments saying me glamourising Intel. lol. Only God knows who is that someone who said that.

Anyway I don't give a rat ass to that (lol. Long time never use this already).

Simply because I m not glamourizing it. Enough said :)

I'll be spending another 3 months there and this is just a beginning.

Honestly, compared to last year experience, this year is much cooler. Hehehe. Anyway, there's always a darker side of the moon. lol :). Not that dark la actually.

On Monday, I reported myself at the HR department and waited for my supervisor to pick me up.

Camwhored in the lobby. No one saw it. No worries XD. ermm...except my classmate beside me who pretended that he didn't know me. LOL.

Then I was guided to the office where I'll be located. I'll be in a validation team. My team is differentiated by putting a golden balloon on top of the cubicle. How cool is that? and they have this system where a newbie like me will be assigned a experienced senior to spoonfeed help u learn.

and then I was given a deskstop and a cubicle. 22inch somemore. Hahaha. Too bad I can't watch movie there. and oh yeah, I'll be online 24-7 as long as I'm in office.

I shall not reveal too much about my job or else I'll be violating the privacy law of the company. Nevertheless it's a programming job. All I see is this


Ok let's cut the crap. I'll talk about the bitter and sweet part of the company.

Well, let's start with bitter first.

Number one

It's tough - They expect u to be a smart geek, fast learner and computer wiz. Simply because everyone is smart inside. :(

and I just found out that apparently I was not that smart. hehehe.

Number Two

Task-oriented - They give u a job and they expect u to finish it. By hook or crook. Hehe. and they want quality and accurate outcome, not just cincai cincai. This can sometimes freak a newbie like me out.

Number Three

Jargon/Acronym - I really can't get used to all the jargons/acronyms used. But I guess it's normal for an internal company to standardized the usage of certain phrases that are often used. Anyway I was worrying that eventually I'll write my blog like that -> Hey, GM TQUT and IMG WYSIWYG! LOL! BRB! :P

I guess that's all for bitter. hehe. Let's move on to the sweet part

Number One

Friendly environment - They foster a friendly culture in Intel. and most of the engineers are just a bit older than me (or try to be, :P) and it's easy for me to blend into. (By the way the manager will treat us to go Red Box tomoro. Yay. XD) and they are patient and willing to teach u stuffs if u ask.

Number Two

Not 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' kind of working environment - They supply u with unlimited junk food and there's a club house with Wii. Apparently u can go into it and play anytime if u feel like it. Of coz ur job is still ur top priority. XD (by the way not all department got Wii, so happened I got into this department. :P)

Number Three

Professionalism - Not dressing formally doesn't mean u r not professional. I guess I don't have to goo deeper into this but obviously it's much much more professional than the previous company I worked last year. (I finished reading Harry Potter in the office as I got litterally nothing to do. XD)

Well 3 bitters vs 3 sweets and I guess they are even. Anyway, I have been inside only for 3 days. Don't judge a book by its cover. What I saw and experienced are very superficial only. :)

Nevertheless, I have to say no doubt I could learn a lot from this 3 month internship.

Time to GTB. (Go To Bed) XD

By the way, I love the badge!

Done in 5 mintes. Faster than IC. :P


anson said...

i really couldnt figure out on this
-> "Hey, GM TQUT and IMG WYSIWYG!" :p

so hapi, 4th day of working can go makan minum! company punye mah.. tak pe lah.. :p

im really out but still wish to ask, what is Wii? :p

by the way, im not sure whether yinleng is still in there or not.. u may check it out.. :p

i love the badge too (BUT NOT THE PHOTO!!!) ^_^

Niel said...

my gosh...

~Live Life~ said...


GM TQUT = Good Morning...Thank you...You too??

IMG = Image??

WYSIWYG = I just googled and found this...What You See Is What You Get??

But I don't relli know whats that about? Maybe specialhuman may answer bout that...

Not bad! Can exercise with that Wii...

Anyway, are u an intern?? Gambatte!!

=chuanguan= said...


calvin said...

That last picture of the badge is just an excuse to put an extra picture of yourself there =.=

Only three days working with Intel already so efficient arh? I requested for an entry about this and in not time, you have blogged on it already.

*Thinking what topic to ask from you next*

Hint: Talking about your love life is not a bad idea at all xD

KY KHOR said...

h4x0r? 1 th0ught j00 w1LL b w0rk1n' 4t ch1ps3t/pr0c3ss0r m4nuf4ctur1n' s1d3...

Anonymous said...

showing off ..?

"Miao" said...

The photo in yr id badge make you look like someone in his early 30's.

Haha !!!

(no offense, dude. ^.^)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe ur classmate pretended not to know u bcoz he just dont like u , geddit?period.

anson said...

busy working until no reply? :p

specialhuman said...


LOL. That's I just simply typed la. But wysiwyg is "What You See Is What You Get". Lol ~live life~ u got it right~

Nintendo Wii u also donno? hahaha. and I forgot to check yin leng


yeah. lol.

~live life~:

haha. thanks. yeah i m JUST an intern.

chuan guan:

sorry la.


Y did u interpret me like that?

I'm always effecient u see. lol. Anyway, to no avail u ask me to blog about my love life la. Simply because I do not have one. :P


Apparently not manufacturing side but validation side.


No I m not.


LOL! That's just too much. :(


R u from JF?


Yeah. I bet he doesn't like u either~ Hahaha :P


A bit la.

cron said...

how much is the food?over there?