Saturday, September 06, 2008


This is a post with my scrambled thoughts running on my mind right now

I am driving back to Penang from KL on 20 September, Saturday. Due to the petrol hike, I have no choice but to car pool.

Anyone interested? Contact me.

and then I'll be in Penang for three months until January 2008, for my internship. Intel by the way. Hey guys that are still stucked in Penang meet up with me k? Ops I forgot they don't read my blog anyway. lol

Have been working out for quite a few weeks. Jogging then go to the gym room downstairs. Damn I should start working out much earlier.

I'm missing Penang food terribly, again. haih.

Today the exam for microprocessor was ok. But I have ignored the other subjects to work on this one. It'll be a long long fortnight.

I rented a house just a few blocks away from my workplace next three months. Drive or walk to work?

The dresscode of Intel is casual by the way.

What will happen on 916? Anticipating.

I bought the zero fare airasia ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia next year May. Will be visiting Angkor Wat with another 6 friends, and my little brother.

I wanna play basketball

I will be going on a trip to Cameron Highland with my classmates after my exam and after I go back to Penang. It'll be my first time driving up there if nothing gets in the way.

Thinking getting a pair of good jogging shoes.

I'm planning to take up Japanese lesson when I'm back in Penang and I wanna take the JLPT Level 4 next year.

Gotta do something to blow people away in my Final Year Project.

Argh, I need to write reports and log files for my internship.

Can I get a new phone with 3G with a price below 500 and it's crush-proof, water-proof and is meant to be dropped on the floor?

I feel like my brain is stuffed in the blender and it's the exam's fault. No doubt

I should never attempt to update my blog when I'm having exams. Not a wise decision.


jeans way said...

Driving up Cameron, use the Simpang Pulai exit, don't go the Tapah way.

Jogging shoes, get the New Balance ! It is very very good for jogging, running, marathon etc. No regret if you get that.

3G phone with your budget price, try SE or Motorola. Will let you know the model later.

Good Luck for your exams, enjoy your internship.

Niel said...

swt...this is one of the lamest post u've posted i think =.=
eh i got read ur blog la. and im a penangite as well -.-
after the stupendous SPM, let's ply some ball together k? never ply wif u b4...kah kah kah

bamboo said...

good luck for your exam.

all the best to you.

wish you have a nice trip.

enjoy ur penang food.

drive carefully when you are on the way to penang and cameron.

enjoy your trip .

enjoy your internship.

wish you can buy all the things which you want to buy.

calvin said...

1. If you can workout for hours, is walking to work for a few minutes something too hard to do?

2. I thought 916 is some bomba's number? LOL

3. Going to Vietnam with your lil bro. I thought you will never leave your lil brother, not even a hundred of a single second?

4. Invent something to blow me, so that I will not need to buy my flights tickets anymore when I am coming back :D

Somehow, there are a few things that sound really wrong in this entry, especially #3.

Hmm, or maybe it is just me?

Anonymous said...

Don't have to brag of ur intern in Intel.. glamourising INTEL too much.. got friends in USM taking that company for granted.. so easy for them to enter:))

Historical Cambodia.. hope u remmember to bring ur little brother back from cambodia.. it worth alot there ;)

specialhuman said...

jeans way:

Thanx. Ya I m using the Simpang Pulai exit.

New Balance huh? Motorola...hmm..
mine has been dropped on the floor countless time. haha.


hahaha really that lame?


thanx! :)


1. haha. I scared kena raba-ed like u. lol

2. U really do not read the news do u? lol

3. I know you don't have one. No need to be that specific. lol hahaha

4. .....

and y is it wrong? lol


Glamourising intel? lol. Did I? and that's totally not bragging...
and I don't give a damn to whoever can enter there like drinking water. I am just hoping to learn something there.

Yeah. Sure I'll remebmer that. Gonna camwhore a lot.

Stacy said...

you are so handsome.....

Stephanie Chuah said...

Hey, there I am a student from biotech course. I have always adored you from the very first time I lay my eyes on you. I was too shy too approach you.But I can't keep those feelings to myself any longer as it killing me inside.Your looks has captivated me so much. I have been dating toads all along and you're my knight in shining amour...muah kisses ;)

specialhuman said...


Thanx and I'm flattered but obviously there's not a single photo in this post. lol

stephanie chuah:

Lol I'm on cloud nine. I would be glad if u revealed ur identity. XD

Stephanie Chuah said...

kaevin, I wanted to reveal my identity to you believe me..but i am concern of my other classmates that are EYEYING you too...if they see me communicating with you,they will be very bitchy towards me. They know and read ur blog too. They are just remaining silent for the moment. Gosh why is life so unfair..:(( I can't risk exposing myself with you on campus. Setapak campus is not very big if u notice. Are you the one always appearing on the Presiden's list?..If yes, I must say that God bless you with both brains and looks

Stephanie Chuah's coursemate said...

You knew that we are also reading the most addorable and handsome darling kvin's blog. But you still dare to post some comments here!!!!
We will find out who are you soon!!!!! You are just a coward that hide somewhere and being anonymous. We will reveal ourself very soon and let him make the choice.

bee lin said...

Yah Stephanie ! How dare you !
You reveal, we also reveal now.
kaevin, we will arrange to meet u one day, let you choose !

Stacy said...

This is what happens when faker's try too hard....Its obvious that the person "stephanie chuah's coursemate' is a scam.What is with you girls out there ? Cant you respect a persons emotions?stephanie chuah was just trying to explore her feelings, cant "bee lin " and "stephanie chuah's coursemate" respect that ? If you are really girls than you would just keep quiet and let their feelings be.Love is not an easy thing , and dont patronize it .......but to you kae vin , please forgive stephanie chuah for pouring her feelings to you , as she is only human .....

Wai wai said...

hey , are u sure u love him , do u know him onot?

kai Yun said...

I have something to confess to you. I am actually a guy doing ME in setapak and I have noticed you through ROBOCOM. I can't take my eyes of you. I know you may not like it but I have fallen in Love with you.Do you know what friends with benefits are? Do not dislike me for exploring my sexuality. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Lust know no boundaries.

Stephanie Chuah's coursemate said...

Stacy, who are you? another faker?

Anonymous said...

i sense a catfight coming , kae vin, better control the situation

Stacy said...

Excuse me ,! the so called stephanie chuahs coursemate , take a look at what you wrote about my kae vin ......."You knew that we are also reading the most addorable and handsome darling kvin's blog." YOU ARE SIMPLY MOCKING THE CLEAR USAGE OF ENGLISH! please step in kae vin and save me from this so called "stephanie chuahs coursemate".She is making me nauseous by her so called claims

Anonymous said...

wth?! is there a love triangle goin on here ?wow ?! interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

haha, who is the main player in this drama? are those girls really after kae vin?

=chuanguan= said...

eh kaevin..y so diam diam this time..tot u will respond to all not like u..or u perasan too much..haha..i believed there r only either da gals really have crush on u or they r just ur haters..however, i placed my bet on those haters la...u neo la...u so yong sui...this thing v v v faham 1...:P..hahahha....dun say me jeluz la..i am not

btw, to u gals..hopefully u r not those fakers...just reveal urself..stalking ppl back don really help to make things better..cheers..may god bless u in exams...

Stacy said...

To chuanguan , dont think we are kae vin haters just bcoz we like him ,..... we would rather go out with him rather than you ok, so dun perasaan so much....dont u dare call us fakers! we are not the one's that are so perasaan he looks like a model[if u dont get it, we are refering to u] please , stay away from us ok , this is kae vins blog not urs, dont try to show ur jealousy to him by accusing us of haters, we know he is more capable of being a model than you

=chuanguan= said...

whahaha...this is interesting..wahhahaahaha....get a life....PLS...wahahahaha...

specialhuman said...

Dear all:

Thanx for coming and dropped those comments.

But I really don't care ok? I really don't.

It seemed like u know every single one of us. hmmm. Makes me ponder. :)

stephanie chuah's coursemate:
Stop fooling around la.

bee lin:

Wai Wai:
Are u wai wai from cameron?

kai yun:
I checked the Robocom member's name list. No kai yun. Sorry.

Y show ur back for people to stab. lol

shawn kL said...

Stacy, are you the one who previously stay in the Tarc hostel?
To let us know that you are not fooling around and not 'imaginary' then prove yourself. Otherwise you are just like other fakers. How to you know that the stephanie chuah's coursemate is a faker? Unless you are also stephanie chuah and she is an imaginary character that created by you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my , i am not fron utar and i am shocked by the amount of perasaan pple there .....I will elaborate on the 3 characters....1)Kae vin - Seems to be the centre of attention here.4 GALS AND 1 GUY seem to be after! ....2)Pathetic fren NO 1[Chuanguan].This guy seems to adore himself and claims to be very very good looking .Yes i have checked out his blog. From amateur modeling shoots to even asking pple which haircut suits him the best! Come on , even a child will know that this is too perasaan handsome already....And the fact that he seems to chip in and leave comments for those girls seem like he wants a bit of attention .If ur in university, dont u have time to study hard rather than ask pple ridiculous haircut opinions on ur blog?......Pathetic fren NO 2[Shawn kl]This guy just bumps in out of no where and starts shooting those girls.......Honestly , i dont know whether those girls are true of just faking it , but its interesting to see how other pple seem to react when they get a tinge of jealousy....haha....As for kae vin , i have to admit ur blog is quite popular....i am in UUM and i still have come across it....As i am sure i will be bombarded by pathetic fren NO 1 and 2 after this , please ask yourselves whether u are hurt when i mentioned the truth above.....

=chuanguan= said... i am least i am not coward like some1..hiding behind and barking along..ahhaha...1stly, need to thank u for taking so much efford to read my blog..oh my..not even tat..i wondered, how much u read it...all? it seem tat it is a very old and i wondered anyone would be v free to click those is either u r too free to not to study and find fault on me...or u just another 'PATHETIC' guy who already looking it v long ago..haha....
as u r in university, isnt it better for u to study harder better than reading and replying all this perasan comments?
cheers dude, we come in peace...

Stephanie Chuah said...

Now u see what I mean about things getting out of hand? So there goes my "future" relationship with kaevin..:(( Thank you so much for making such a large scene over my feelings for kaevin. Some people in this blog are very self-centered indeed!!!! CURSE U ALL!!!

JunJun-Riko said...

LOL... This is interesting. I'm from utar and I have no idea that utarians can be so interesting, obviously I'm hanging out with the wrong group currently.

The girls that are after kvin, if you're all real, all the best! Girls with guts to spill their love is always the best.

kaiyun, admiting you're gay in public, round of applause for you.

Anonymous from UUM:
Seriously no idea who are you. But the fact that you chose to left a comment behind and unknown identity makes you somewhat fake. I have a thing against people leaving harsh comments and not leaving a name. Yes, I know i will be shoot by you later on. But nvm.
Anyway, the 2 pathetic fella u mentioned, shawn n cg, yes, I admit, they are pathetic. XD but they're kvin's frens for goodness's sake. Don't you think you coming in here, shooting his frens, will be somewhat an insult to kvin?
You're contradicting yourself my dear, complimenting the author of this blog on one hand, and on the other, being disrespectful to his frens, indirectly being disrespectful to him.
And I believe that shawn and cg did not plan to shoot the girls as it may seems. They're just asking for the truth, whether the girls are fake or not. What's there to be jealous about?
You take things too personally if it's true that you are not anyhow related to any of the people here.

I come in peace. If anyone would like to shoot me, thank you for sparing your time on a worthless piece of junk like me.

Tan kah haw said...

To jun jun riko, i am proudly exhibiting my name for you to view....i am from UUM , if by any chance you wish to find out more information about me , call anyone you know in UUM and be my guest....but i am not gonna shoot you as there are some truth in what you said.Yes , its not nice for me to praise kae vin and diss his frens, but i am just giving my views on the scenario.[By the way i commented that kae vin's blog was popular ,thats all] Nevertheless, i am still on the same boat with you as the pathetic frens[NO 1 AND 2] of his ....i am not bothered to reply pathetic fren NO 1 and his comment that he left me , as i suppose he couldnt handle the truth.....all his words used against me are mindless "word vomit" that people with low english vocabulary would use in a case that they have nothing else to say [he even quoted me again and accused me of wasting my time ] .....And if u view the previous comments most of them seem to be asking him[pathetic fren NO 1] to keep quiet and back of....even the main character, kae vin, asked him why he "showed his back for pple to stab".....I am sure pathetic fren NO 1 , is going to "burst with anger " and try to come up with some fantastic english or comments against me , but it will only look even MORE PATHETIC , as he is only diverting his nonsensical behaviour in not accepting his flaws

specialhuman said...

Dear all:

Seriosly, this is the last thing I wanna see in my blog: readers flaming each others.

Is my blog that boring that you guys have to put on a catfight to stir it up? It's pretty dampening.

You might or might not like my blog but at least, learn how to respect it. It is free for anyone to drop any comment but writing comments that are purely rubbish is a form of trashing my blog.

I enable anonymous commenting because I believe people who read my blog are honest people with integrity but apparently, people tend to abuse it. Guess it's human nature huh?

and if you really hate me that much, then stop reading my blog. This blog solely exists as a medium for me to update my friends who are not with me. I don't blog to attract visitors or get fame or earn money as you can see my blog is clean from any affiliation with any advertising companies.

I am trying to avoid those rediculous bitchy flames but obviosly I tried not hard enough.

Please learn how to respect me and my blog. Please.

Anonymous said...

okok , pple out there dont disturb poor kae vin! if u feel like u want to flame chuanguan's gorgeousness , go to his blog

jeans way said...

Which phone u prefer, actually ? Motorola or SE or Nokia or sth else ? Have a few to share with you, but don't think gona list down all here lah...

anson said...


i am wndering is it possible to close this topic? :p


Hey there! Check out my website at Come and experience the waves of Penang!

usagi~chan said...

denz made me read this, not a regular reader of ur blog....but it sure made my day, not the blog, the comments.hehe. Feel like making the situation worse....hehe "kaevin dear, thanks for the pleasurable nite, will remember it all my life.." wakakkakakaka..

Anonymous said...


=chuanguan= said...

I think i am missing this mr. tan..he is just another fucker? opss..i mean faker.. he is really damn entertaining and he register the account just for replying this post..haha..(look at the date).obviously, i duno who is da 1 being angered.. and those pathatic losers, the 1 last thing is that always ended up in any verbal fight commenting the english level of others.. they have ntg better to say anymore... flamings around..dun worry..i just fame u up..haha...i am darn entertained by this guy..haha..just like yi pin as well and others..(u should able to neo all of them la)

Anonymous said...

oh my god!Cant chuan guan shut up already! Cant u respect what kae vin said and stop inviting pple to start back the whole flaming/bitching again? Why must u start your dimwit remarks on Tan[whoever he is] and invite him to shoot u again? Stop proving to us that u are as moronic as Tan said.Respect what the blogger kaevin said and stop inviting trouble!

Yong said...


Patty said...

hahaha, anonymous really nailed it!

Doreen Chew said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
specialhuman said...


if possible i wanna use back motorola. :D


Yes I am


Go study EM la~

Doreen Chew:

You are gross. So i deleted the comment.

No more comments. Thanx