Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A little bit of Updates

The bean sprout chicken I had in Ipoh on the day back from Cameron Highland.

Nah. This post has got nothing to do with nga choi kai or Ipoh or whatsoever. That photo is just to make u hungry. :P

Well it's another 6 days before I start my internship. I have started to feel the tension. It's normal for people to feel uncertain towards something they are not familiar with right?

Basically I'll be staying in a rented room nearby to the factory I'll be working in. On the other day I went to check out the room and it's pretty satisfying. It's located about 500m away from the company and the bonus is, there's a basketball court 50m away. This simply means that I could burn away all my calories gained while I am having my interning at the basketball court. Yahoo. (FYI, I have already gained 3 kg since I came back home, for like, about a week. XD)

Last Sunday, I attended my cousin brother's wedding.

On the wedding dinner.

While the newly wedded couple was on stage, the limelight actually focused on the other couple down stage. LOL. Afterall, it's me and my pretty Karen who looked so gorgeous that night~ *hugs* Stay pretty ya~!

Camwhoring with my cutie cousin Fiona~

The Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony on the next day.

Right after that, my family and I went hunting for shoes.

I guess I'll be wearing this for the rest of my life its life span. Bought this in Queensbay Mall.  (An incentive for me to keep running! yay)

This belongs to my little younger brother. Apparently his basketball skill matches the shoes XD Bought it in Pragin Mall

and we went for some food hunt.

First stop, Perak Road laksa. I know I have posted lotsa laksa photo here. Pardon my fetish for it. 

Out of the blue, I was craving for the food I used to eat for 3 years continuously when I was in my high school. So we crossed the Penang bridge and headed to Bukit Mertajam.

It was quite nostalgic to see that most of the stalls were still being run by the same person.

Hokkien Lorand trust me it still tasted like 4 years ago.  

Jawa mee. I never really like the jawa mee there but I was thinking to give it a try and it was still the same, not up to par. 

The char keoy teow. Well surprisingly,  it has gotten better than last time.

Belachan Chicken. Got conned. rm7 for few pieces like this! But it was good undoubtedly. 

For your information, the hawker centre I mentioned above is located at Taman Sri Rambai, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. There are plenty more food and those were only part of it. Enjoy!

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya to everyone~ :)


usagi~chan said...

who's karen???
is she your girlfriend???

Niel said...

the only person who is hungry after seeing all those photos will most probably u =.=

jeans way said...

see... i asked u before but u said no no no... now "my pretty Karen"... I knew it !! Hehe, I was/am right !...

Nice couple, nice couple.. hehe... be good, be good...

bluejazz said...


Why put all these photos? I am now really out of reach with all these delicious stuffs...

Malaysian Food...starting to missed it already...

Anyway, nice post...no wonder u gained 3 kg...these were all the evidence!!LOL!!

~Live Life~

specialhuman said...


No...she's not. Y r u so eager to know?


Nah...look at those remarks and comments. They hate me for posting up those photo~ U'll probably understand the feeling after u leave Penang :)


Don't try to spread rumours like this k.....


hahaha. They are put to lure u back. :P

Thanx for reading anyway. By the way, I jogged and played badminton yesterday. Today gonna go swimming. It's balance alright~ XD

Post more pictures of food u eat in US k? Hahaha. U can make me drool too ;)

Ms.Bimbo said...

i also want to get married

stupid said...

the pics jus make me homesick.......

calvin said...

usagi chan is just being jealous for seeing you posing with karen mah.

rumours first, soon it will become a fact. never mind, just remember what you told me before when you are having your wedding dinner xD

your rented house is just 500m away from your company, and you could still comtempleting whether to walk or drive there last time =.=

haih, i am back just less than a twenty-four hours and you already did this to me. have some sympathy lah aiyor...

you gained 3kg in a week, mine was 6kg in 6 weeks, not too bad for me i guess. blekk =P

specialhuman said...

ms Bimbo:

Be my guest. No one is stopping u. lol


Lol. It's just right beside ur house. U can have it anytime when u r home la. :P


Wat la. Usagi is jealous? U know her meh?

Wat fact? wat did I tell u? ???

500m is far ok? It's far to walk to work when it's 500m but it's near to jog for 5km. Got it?

Go get ur sushi, ramen and teppanyaki! Blek

I lost another 2 kg the other day. :P

usagi~chan said...

yea, I dunno calvin 1 wor...anyway it didn't work *wink* hehe..I just remembered so came bek to check.....

anson said...

when something is not true and ppl keep spreading it then = rumours..

BUT, when something is true and ppl keeping saying tat = facts

jeans way, i back u!!! :p

enjoyed ur 1st intern yesterday? was it the same scenario as ur 1st job in setapak? :p

specialhuman said...


Haha. I guess they r on holiday. Not working. Afterall, it's raya ma :P


What facts what rumours? *scratching heads acting innocent*

My intern start next Monday. I bet it'll be totally different from last time! XD

Ronnie said...

hey, u should send me those nice photos via my email, ck_yeoh@yahoo.com.....

specialhuman said...


Alright :) Will do it when I am free