Thursday, September 18, 2008


One of the differences between pre-exam and post-exam is the type of beverages.

Before exam, we drink this:

and this

After exam, we drink this:

lol. Some bought-in-carefoure wine. lol

Simply because before exam we tried to stay awake and right after it we don't wanna be sober anymore. lol~ XD

Anyway, it ended on this very day eventually .

the invigilator gave me a weird look when i took this photo. lol. Like a released captive, I am finally set free.....temporarily though~ (^.^)

and It's a 45 minutes driving distance from my Uni to Genting Highland.

So 9 of us went right straight up the Sin City after our exam.

We are still sober k?

Well I went into the casino for the first time in my life but I didn't gamble. Wait till I can count like Jim Sturgess in 21. XD and I guess the craziest thing I did up there was walking around looking for corkscrew 230am in the morning. LOL.

That's what engineering students do after the ultimate torture of exam. The scariest part is, there're another one and a half year of this life! lol.

Marry Brown Chop. heh

Syoksendiri-ing in the first world complex. XD

On the way down

Hey dudes, see you guys again next year :)


anson said...

so enjoyable..
so envy..
i did that before also..
but now.. :(

jeans way said...

Enjoy your holiday, all the BEST for your internship.

See you in Penang... ermm, Kerachut ! haha...

bambootong said...

when u go into the casino, the guard no check ur identity card ? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Was the mary brown nice? the portion looks small.....And was that really an alcoholic drink from carrefour, or was it just grape juice?how long did u take to drve up there?

Niel said...


calvin said...

i suppose the spammers from the previous post have yet to notice that you have updated your blog. but once they know about it, well, it shall start all over again lol xD

*runs away before getting flamed for nothing*

anson said...

safe journey ya my little bro.. :p

Anonymous said...

haha... bro here, as u hav already disabled the comment posting for the previous blog scrambled .... i used to write down my comment here... erm ... tis mayb the 1st time i heard something like tis from u, who r they actually? u seem like having umpteen of secret admirers, erm, i don think the time is too early 4 u to hav a GF... if u r interested, y don give a try to them? lol...

McFoody said...

please put more food pics! i want ! i want!

McFoody said...

If u eat any delicious food, make sure u take clear pics of it , i want to be stimulated visually! In ur past posts , some of ur pics made my mouth water!

specialhuman said...


lol. Ur time is over. Thanx. Now at home :)


Hahaha. Gonna conquer Keracut again.


Yeah he did. I am over 21 now. and while he was checking my Id, my underaged friends slipped in. XD


The Marry Brown was ok. The portion was ok for me as I am not a big eater. and yeah it's 13.5% alcohol. Some of us got pretty wasted actually.




Don't ever think about that


hahahah. No thanx. I am so not into The Sim kinda love thing. Virtual and fragile.


lol. U can check out my previous post labelled as "FOOD". Yeah I'll continue posting photo about food. Haha no worries.

Anonymous said...

Can i ask u somethin? Can u tell me where or which places in penang that serves good malay chinese and indian food? miss those types of food....

stupid said...

u noe, i really like to form a team. interested?~.~ haha! but i still havnt get the chance to casino yet....haiz....

well,good luck for the internship~

specialhuman said...


Lol. I'm not the author of Penang Food Guide k? Although I know quite some places of good food in Penang ;P

I mostly fancy chinese hawker food and restaurant only. So if u ask me Malay and Indian food i'm not so familiar with it.

Keep reading my blog la. U'll find more introduction of food ;)

stu pid:

Teach me the trick first ya. Hah.

Thanx. Good luck in ur studies too