Friday, September 26, 2008

Cameron Revisited

I have gone to Cameron several times already. But this round, I went there with 10 of my classmates and it was indeed a refreshing journey.

The first night there, we transported all our food up there and held a barbeque. They hung up the lanterns and lit up candles. It was cold out there but sitting beside the fire grilling chicken wings was such a perfect thing to do up there. It brought warmth and it was an ultimate satisfaction to bite on the hot chicken wings~

Chicken wings from Tesco~

Romantic huh?

Fireworks and Lantern 

The next morning, we paid a visit to the Tea plantation farm. I took several photo with my tripod and made it into a paranomic image with photoshop.

Click to enlarge :)

The ultimate jump~ XD

Using The World is Flat to camwhore? lol.

Upon the request of Vincent~ hahaha. The World is flat is not that boring la actually ;)

It could have been a good photo~ Hahaha!

Strawberry farm was the next stop. Well,  strawberry is always a flavour that makes people feel happy, isn't it?

Strawberry Sundae~ Irrisistable~!!! Coated with mushy cream and honey and vanilla ice cream with strawberries at the bottom.

But of coz it was something meant to be shared. Else it was going to cost u all the workouts and joggings. lol

The kiss of the century~ muahahaha

Behold, the butterfly-man

Took a group photo in the butterfly farm.

In the night itself, we celebrated KL and Jeremy's birthday. :)

In the morning of the last day, we stopped by the market.

They were so into the shopping spree huh.

It was indeed an emotional moment for us to think that we are to leave and to have our training in different places for a duration of 3 months but hey, it was not even graduation! After spending 2 and a half years in the classroom, we are all somehow bonded in someway. I guess this 3-month long training will teach us how to savour and cherish every moment of our uni life better. 

I guess this is life. We move on and we leave what we can't bring behind. To advance, to improve and most importantly, to grow. It might be cruel but it is a cruel world out there isn't it? Afterall, it is friendship that holds us together althought the path that has been chosen by each of us might be different. 

It might be naive but I always believe in unchanging friendship, do you? 


anson said...

i love ur butterfly man and also kiss of the century.. LOL.. :p

calvin said...

I will just comment on the last part of this entry, since I have seen all the pictures from Cameron xD

Yes, true friendship will never fade, even though all are going into different paths. I hope the friendship we have forged for less than a year will not end up like the two cases of penangite which i have told you before this xD

p/s: by the way, maybe it is a coincidence, but i got really emotional tonight (that is before i read this entry). perhaps thinking about the last few days left made me have such feelings.

PrincessX said...

oh gawd! the strawberry mushy thingy is irresistible! where did you have it?

Mcfoody said...

Was the chicken for BBQ marinated with any sauce or was it raw and you just bbq it? was it cooked when u grilled it? And can i know where was the place u had the delicious looking ice cream with strawberry?And can i know how much will the price be if u stay there ? thanks .....

stupid said...

unchanging friendship~ ha, let's prove it!

nice panorama~ better if got wide lens! but cant deny that you are getting pro in photography!

Mcfoody said...

Oh my god .... i really cant stand it already , the sundae ice cream is so not lying its the photo that makes it look so good.....thats good photo taking of the ice cream is the taste by the way it as good as it looks.....

specialhuman said...


Thanx. heheheh. Next time u take one like that.


Emo kid. Don cry on the plane back to Japan ya. :)


At the new strawberry farm located above Cactus Valley at Brinchang.


Yes it was marinated and it was totally raw when we grilled it. For the location for the ice cream referred to my reply above. We stay there FOC as one of my fren's dad owns an apartment at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland.

As for the taste of the ice cream, it was good. Imagine u fed urself with a spoon full of vanilla ice cream and slightly sour strawberry slices and coated honey at a breezy weather of 20 celcius degree. Haha. How heavenly is that? ;)

stu pid:

Hahaha. At least we are STILL some living proof huh? Hope it continues proving :)

and thanx. Coz i keep taking pictures. Sure it'll improve. Haha :)

bluejazz said...

It has been a long time din come over your blog d...paiseh...

Like ur pics a it normal digital camera? or dlsr? and whoz taking ur photos?

Anyway, all d best in everything...i will drop by soon...

specialhuman said...


Hey thanx for revisiting! :D It's ok. As long as u come here often in the future! XD

and thanx for liking my pix. Well it's just a normal digital camera. No money to buy dslr....YET. hahaha. Erm for more info about my camera read this

Btw, y dont u invite me to be one of the reader in ur blog? ;)

bluejazz said...

What's your email? Sure I will add you in...

I stopped blogging for a long time d...but started back again to talk about a whole new experience...

See for yourself...haha...