Saturday, August 02, 2008

Those were the days

I was tagged by Kim to answer 20 questions. Now I'm gonna change the rules. I'll not answer all 20 questions in one shot but I'll only answer 5 of my favourite questions. Is that OK, Kim? So I'll answer them before starting my post.

It's originally in Chinese, so I'll do some translation job here.

如果有不开心的事情 你会怎么办?
What'll you do when you are unhappy?

Go do something that makes me perspire or generates endorphin, like basketball or swimming. If I can't go out then I'll start banging my piano or strumming my guitar in a very harsh way. Perhaps I'll try to compose a song to express it.

What's your realistic goal of the coming five years?

To be a qualified engineer. To be fluent in Japanese.

What makes you see the dark side of humanity?

Nothing particular. Or should I say, the everyday self-centerness of people.

Things that you are afraid to lose?

My families, my friends and my eyesight and my ability to hear and my memories and last but not least, my faith.

你最想去哪个地方? 为什么?
What is the place that you wanted to go the most? Why?

Heaven, so that I can take a photo there and show it to everyone.

Something triggered me and made me nostalgic. Or emo they say.

Someday, memories will be the only thing that you have.

I guess the place I drenched with the most of my perspiration is the basketball court of Jit Sin High School. A place I spent 5 years in. A place I tasted love, friendship, betrayal. A place I learnt about loyalty, discipline, teamwork. A place where I have my dreams, my ambitious goal and my fictional thoughts.

Below are photos taken a month or two prior to my graduation. Never had to chance to post it.

But today, I've decided to post them, after 4 years.

A basketball court that made me forget about things I wanted to

An evening that painted my memories yellowish

A bunch of friends that made me feel belonged

A jeep that picked me up to school in the morning

A room that I shedded my tears in

Someone who gave me a sense of happiness 

A haunted house that taught me independence

A sweaty hug

Friendship connected by a basketball

A pair of white shoes that I used to wash every weekend

A class that earned the name of Hooligan.

A friend that sometimes know me better than myself

The noise we made and the stupid stuffs we did

The white shirts I used to iron on every Sunday.

A shot of a projectile bouncy sphere, or a basketball shot.

There are people who walked into my life and be a part of it. There are people who walked away and left a hole in my heart.

After years, I realized one thing:

You can only bond with people who share the same view of friendship with you.

For certain people, friends are just activity partners. Hanging out, going for a movie, sports, yumcha, so on and so forth. Nothing personal.

There are people who fully utilise their friends. They say A friend in need is a friend indeed. So they'll call u up when they r in need and leave you alone when they're not.

Apparently, friendship weighs quite a lot in my life. I like people who are active and at times hang out, going out for sports or whatever activities but I tend to get very personal with people be very people-oriented rather than activity-oriented.

I like to hear people's thoughts and opinions and preferences and views and values of life. I like the diversity of people's viewpoint. and I like to hear about people talking about their past, how they grow up, their families, their friends, their loved ones, their rivals....every single bit of them, contributes to make me feel trusted and connected.

It's very disturbing to have friends that say nothing about themselves. Nothing profound. The conversation is so superficial. They never talk about their feelings, their points of view about something. They speak only subject-verb sentences. Even after years of friendship, the things they say remains shallow. What I want is a descriptive type of conversation, not a narrative one. And the worst comes to the worst, they are not honest about the things they say. They're like compulsive liars. Talk the talk and never walk the walk. They're merely attention seekers.

Anyway, I'm glad that in my life I'm blessed with friends who r willing to get personal with me be part of my life. They shared my sorrow, my joy, my burden, my anger, my frustration. Sometimes they even know me better than myself. They can predict my next move. They know what's inside my head.

They just know what to do with my weaknesses and shortcomings. They understand me.

This is what I call friendship.

and yes, I was wearing shorts until form 5. It's a chinese school. Come on, stop giggling.

I miss my high school. Do you?


anson said...

hey young man, you look no difference compared to your secondary school la.. you did something with the photos is it? :p

=chuanguan= said...

i din neo u r a geek last time...and still a nerd now..wahahahhahaa

jeans way said...

Don't mislead people. I wore long pants to school since Form 3 ! hehe...

And, what happen to the group of friends now ? Still keep in touch ? Secondary school friends will be the most "long-term" friends of everyone, normally.

Appreciate friendship, life will be extra wonderful !

And, I love my secondary school life too... very much indeed !

joe wee chuah said...

"friends who r willing to get personal with me"..that sounds wrong man!! hahaha, shouldnt put it that way, but i get wat u mean! well i don really miss my highschool life back home. maybe because i've only been there for 3 years. but i regret that i didnt care to do much in school back then, and wasnt much of a people person. well i was still young then.

But i do miss my highschool life here! heaps of good old memories! and it's true that friends are important in your life and you learn so much from them and being around them. So cherish your friendship :D

Niel said...

perhaps it is time to move on to girlfriends?? haha... i mean, serious romance =.=

specialhuman said...


Heck the only thing I did was changing the hue of the photo to make it look fadeaway. Nothing else. lol. I stay fit k?


Yes I was a geek and I am a nerd. Satisfied?


You were a bloody PREFECT back then. You stop misleading people.

I keep in touch with a few of the classmates and we try to arrange reunion once in a year. :D

and you did so many GREAT things in high school of coz u miss it. lol


hahaha. Changed it. Wasn't thinking straight in the middle of the night. Did a direct translation from Chinese. lol

Lol form 3 was a drastic year for me u know. That's when I got to know u better and started to be enthusiastic about music! haha

But I guess u started to kinda like 'open-up' when u r not in Malaysia. :)


Serious romance is godsend. and it occupies the different part of your heart. It can make friendship look insignificant but it can't totally replace friendship. :D

bambootong said...

hey, i still remember ur "Haunted house", and i still remember the BBQ. :-)

Anonymous said...

hoho... U had a great secondary skul life yo... n ... who is the girl standing beside u ? ,who gave u a sense of happiness ? ... n I never heard of her~ /bro/

specialhuman said...


lol. I still remembere the chicken wings from carefoure. The haunted house is pretty memorable. :)

and it was a great bbq night right?

specialhuman said...


u wont know everything about me. Treasure your form 5 too. Don let it slip tru ur finger~ :D

stupid said...

sinc long time we din stand togethr at the court~~haha

specialhuman said...


Indeed. It's been years we haven't played basketball together~! LOL