Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry guys it has really been quite some time since I last blogged. Blame it on them who are really trying hard to turn me into an engineer. lol. I'm going to be one soon enough, anyway.

Well, here's my performance for the UTAR Chinese Song Composing Competition dated 6/8/08. I tried to upload both the raw freaking 80mb video and youtube always slapped me with an ERROR page.

It was a great day nonetheless. I ended up with consolation prizes for both of my songs but hey, it was my first try ok? (At least after I came in the uni)

After all,I have gained precious experience and got to see some really cool people and the judge Tang Xiao Kang (who is also one of the judges in Project Super Star) said I can play piano quite well. Hahaha. *Perasan*

and most importantly

I got a bunch of really supportive friends which made my day! :)  

Ah Ting and W' Ching who sang 故事.

Ah Ting got praised publicly by Tang Xiao Kang . Saying that he got a real powerful voice :) *Fui-yohhh*

I got panicked when I found out that my pedal was not working and was out of tune for a while~ *sigh*

A very special thanks to Jian, who attended this competition 2 days before he went back to the states (He came back to Malaysia only once in 4 year time!). and he made the banner and yelled like a crazy fans and it flattered me! lol
and a big hug to Hui (who rushed like nobody's business for the competition right after her class just to make it in time) and to Lynn (who drove like a maniac around PJ getting lost and got into the wrong UTAR block for 3 times sequentially and finally got there in time) :-*  

and a million thanks to my really professional singers! Proud to have you guys as my classmates! :D I m really glad to work with both of you! Without you my song is really nothing ;)

The judge-and-contestant photo session~ Spotted anyone familar? (Provided you are familiar with Malaysia Mandopop hehe)

See them in action!

Enjoy~! (Pardon my out-of-tune)

and special thanx to See Kiat who lent me his Sony handycam! It really came in handy :D

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To download the mp3, click here~

Frankly, I am really glad to have so many friends who ignored the deadly Electromagnetic assignment due on the next day and attended this competition. With their supports I felt warm and I guess that's what friends are for! ;)

and believe me, we really suffered through that bloody night!



Niel said...

the last photo was cool =.=

PrincessX said...

hey nice song you wrote...eventhough there's a lil' pitchy, but don't worry about that, you're doing fine...gambate yo!

anson said...

congrate on your prizes won in the competition.. most importantly.. you have gained those experience that others don't have.. 加油!

hopefully nothing wrong with your assignment being submitted.. :p

~R3n3e~ said...


=chuanguan= said...

duno how many years d lo

specialhuman said...


lol. u'll have the chance in no time.


Thanx. How bout u?


lol. Thanx.

Hopefully! hahaha


yeah. thanx

PrincessX said...

what about me? i still didn't write any songs, i'm not good in that lah...but i miss playing with the band, and i miss my piano so much! hardly have time and get the chance to play in sabah here...cheers!

specialhuman said...


cool~ U'll have the chance. No worries :)

mp said...

hi there: p may i know usually how u input those drum??thx wor:P gambate

specialhuman said...


I just saw ur comment. Anyway I don't really get your questions?