Thursday, August 21, 2008


Alright, this is a quick update. Just came back from a basketball game. I just realized that I started to get my passion about the game back again. ;) Let's just hope that it won't die down so fast XD

I love the game

Basically I'm done with all my mid terms and assignments. The only thing left is my reports. I still owe the profs 5 reports due next week. :(

and my exam schedule is out.

  • 09/09/2008 UEEA3523 COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 3 hours

  • 11/09/2008 UEEA3453 POWER SYSTEMS 3 hours

  • 15/09/2008 UEEA3423 CONTROL SYSTEMS 3 hours


  • Fifteen hour of exams. total sienness.

    Anyway, right after this exam, I'll be starting my interning in Intel, Penang. Yay. Hopefully I'll learn much from that company.

    and, I'm pretty much inspired to talk a little bit about engineering today.

    Back then when I was form 4, I started to get question like these:

    "Hey, what you gonna study after your form 5?"

    "Form 6 or college? What field will you be interested in?"

    so on and so forth.

    Therefore, I made up my mind to take engineering because:

    1. I am a guy (ok this is a bit bias)
    2. I am a science student. I hate bio and I am totally confused about chemical reaction.
    3. I am always curious about what's inside the gadgets.

    At first, mechanical engineering sounded like a good choice for me. However, after some researching, I found out that mechanical eng. basically deals with big junks of machine and that's not really what I wanted. After consulting a few seniors and big kokos, I decided to take up Electronics Engineering. (adding one more reason here, because Electronics just sounds so cool~ hah)

    and then blablablacuttingthelongstoryshort, I ended up in UTAR.

    Well, what I'm gonna say is, I didn't regret my choice and I seriously love what I am studying.

    However...there's a big IF here, IF your answers for the questions below are 80% NO..then trust me, don't take up electronics engineering (or more generally, Engineering) or else u'll be regretting ur choice for electronics engineering and u will most probably waste a few years of ur life or worst, u suffer ur whole life doing things that you hate.

    i. You are smart willing to learn things that u cant understand, like this:

    The Laplace Transform

    The brake resistor of a lift motor.

    The frequency modulator
    and you feel intrigued instead of freak-out about them and you think it is actually cool. lol

    ii. If you are already form 5 and you have learnt Add. Maths and you know what's diffrentiation and integration and calculus is all about and you like it.

    iii. Or in short, you like maths or numbers?

    iv. You don't mind being called a geek and secretly you are proud about it?

    v. You are curious about how things work and always thinking of ways to improve them. You always think that you have brilliant ideas to benefit mankind.

    vi. You like logics and think logically and always wonder why do human are so illogical and naturally you like computer more than people because computers make more sense to you. hehehe.

    vii. You fixed something before, be it a gadget or a bicycle. Anything.

    ix. You don't wanna work in an office all day long. (Well this depends, engineers in certain field will have to do that also)

    x. You notice that question number 8 is missing! XD

    xi. Last but not least, you wanna be like me! hahaha ;)

    Well everything above is written on my own :) If you are to reuse it, go ahead and please link it and state who is the author k? :D

    Have a nice day and be kind to engineers or engineer-to-be around you alright? and Good luck to all my fellow classmates and coursemates in their finals! XD

    All hail Engineering!


    calvin said...

    ii. If you are already form 5 and you have learnt Add. Maths and you know what's differentiation and integration and calculus is all about and you like it.

    What you learned in Add Maths during the upper secondary (From 4 and 5) are actually just the basic stuff and it is nothing, compared to what you will be learning in university.

    But to be honest, if you ask me now whether I am happy with what I am doing now, I have my doubts =\

    stupid said...

    u caught me! i din notice the 8 is missing!:>

    hey, but who cares?! cause someone in uni did tell me that as an engineer,you need learn how to push away the responsibility,especially when you are in a team and encountered with some mistakes.

    i dont want to admit but he got the point here. tink bout it,
    you'll need it soon~ haha

    =chuanguan= said...

    engineering sux big time..wahahhaa....

    specialhuman said...


    But u are in Japan~!

    Shouldn't that make u happy?


    haha. Depends on what company are u gonna step ur foot into. If it's a Malaysian-owned company, for sure there're politics and bureaucracy all around.

    If you are in a professional environment, that's a different story :)


    You suck big time too. lol

    anson said...


    even how professional the environment is going to be, there is for sure politics around..
    you have to learn well on how to manipulate them..
    sometimes, you won't know who is the one that let go the arrow and shot right behind your back..

    specialhuman said...


    True. Agreed. I still have a long way to go i guess :X *naive*