Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Energy Conservation

One of my assignment this semester is propose ideas and calculations to cut the the electricity usage in one of the building in my university.

Basically we calculated all the electricity used in the building and then we proposed changes to save power and then we calculated the cost again and we presented it.

Well, today we did our presentation with some numbers and info and this crappy video. But it was a blast as no one presented with a video!

hehe. I did all this in one day. Broadcasting student please don't laugh at me k? I'm just an engineering student! :P

さんにん Sannin or the three stooges XD
From left: Zhi Chao, Sam, Me (just had my hair cut)

and the shirt color, it was unplanned. Yeah it so happened we wore the same tone of colour! XD

and my lecturer, he recognised the soundtrack was taken from which movie right after watching the video. What the??? Can u tell? I betcha! hahaha. If u can tell, here's the incentive: One bowl of laksa + Rojak+ Ice kacang from Penang!!! hahahah

Rules and Regulation
  • Contest is not opened to my coursemates.

  • Deadline will be one week from now, which is 2 September 2008.

  • All answers must be posted in the comment box of this post.

  • If more than one answers, finalise it and choose one!

  • No hints will be given XD

  • Terms and conditions applied! :P

    calvin said...

    let me be the first to guess.

    i'll think first.

    then posting up the answer later.


    bambootong said...

    i know i know , i know the answer,but can i diam diam 1st?
    i heard this soundtrack before!!!!

    calvin said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    calvin said...

    hey, how if two or more get the answer correctly? first come first serve basis, right?

    since i posted up the first comment already, the laksa, rojak and ais kacang are going to mine, no matter what happens right?

    see, i am so smart like that xD

    bambootong said...

    how can like tat one , if i get my answer right, i aslo can get the laksa, ais kacang and rojak ma. and, now u still din answer wat is the song yet,and i still have the chance!!!!! yeah

    calvin said...

    @ bambootong:
    actually i've already known the answer, but just like you, i decided to only post up my answer at the eleventh hour.

    if we both get the answer correctly, we ask kae vin belanja both of us lah xD

    bambootong said...

    haha, ok, no problem.
    give me 5.

    specialhuman said...

    calvin and bambootong:

    No worries. If u guys get it right then I'll sure belanja XD

    bambootong said...

    ok, thanks ya. i guess the music is from the gong qi jun's , totoro OST. i forget the title of the music, but i m sure it is play when the 2 children is sitting on the "mao ba si" to find their mother in the hospital.

    calvin said...

    i totally forgot about this!

    sept 2, but what time? am i still allowed to submit my answer?

    specialhuman said...


    haha...yeah u r right...and u r punctual too! XD The title of the song is Nekobus, which means Catbus. hahaha Good memory~!


    too bad u r disqualified. anyway do tell us ur it the same as hers?

    calvin said...

    am i disqualified? *sigh*
    late for 6 minutes, and i missed out on laksa, ais kacang and rojak *double sigh*

    yes, i thought of the same answer too.

    and yes, i was bluffing only.

    eh, wait a minute. am i?

    oh well, i am disqualified already anyway >.<

    jeans way said...

    Finally... I have one more laksa plus ais kacang and rojak.

    Hehe, thanks yah.

    bambootong said...

    bambootong :calvin:
    dont sad la, next time u dont late la, haha.

    bambootong :special human:
    muahaha, thanks ya. actually totoro is my favourite cartoon, and
    i watch it for many times, so i can remember the song, but,still, i forget the name of the song. haha.

    bambootong :jeans way:
    y u aslo get the prize ?

    calvin said...

    @ bambootong:
    traffic jam mah lol

    specialhuman said...


    .....What were u rambling on?


    ??? *scratching head*


    Haha? really? Then I guess my lecturer must be a hardcore fan also~ :P

    jeans way said...

    I have appointed bambootong to be my agent to answer this question, since now the answer is right, I shall be entitled to the laksa+ais kacang+rojak loh.. :p

    calvin said...

    lets make this simple.

    kae vin, you belanja the three of us.

    the end =)

    bambootong said...

    haha, agree.

    when i become ur agent? why i dont know ?

    specialhuman said...

    Only bambootong won the prize. enough say.


    anson said...

    jeans way,
    thanks for helping me to get bambootong to take part in this competition while I was not able to online.

    both jeans way & bambootong,
    will try my very best to dabao the laksa soup from penang for you both! :p

    anson said...

    ohya, forgot to remind specialhuman, now the prize has been transferred under my name!!!

    specialhuman said...


    SCAM~!! lol

    jeans way said...


    As we agreed before, the prize can be transferred under your name, but it is suppose to be shared 50%-50% ler. How can you dabao only soup ? :p


    Please take note of the abovementioned arrangement ! Bambootong is just an agent. :p

    bambootong said...

    to all of you:
    the prize is under my name !!!!

    who answer the question, who get the prize. and i m not jeansway or anson's agent !!!!!

    and this is final !!!!!

    specialhuman said...


    don try to complicate things!


    U might wanna consider hiring a lawyer? lol ;p

    anson=bambootong said...

    alright alright..
    bambootong is not my agent..
    bambootong is actually anson..
    anson is actually bambootong..

    so, whether the prize goes under the name of bambootong or anson, still anson will claim the prize and share 50% with jeans way..

    bambootong said...

    i m bambootong, bambootong is me.

    and no share 50% wth calvin, anson or jeansway !

    the prize is under my name !
    no transfer, no share.

    Let judge to do the final judgement !

    calvin, anson and jeansway are not the judge or lawyer !

    blek !

    jeans way said...

    Very sorry, I have to disclose this document.

    DATE : 20/08/2008

    We, Jeansway and Anson, hereby appoint you, Bambootong to be our agent in answering and replying and commenting in the blog during our absence. Any prizes, claims or whatsoever benefited from the said blog shall be the entitlement of Jeansway and Anson only.

    Bambootong shall only be entitled to a glass of plain water for each answer, reply and/or comment made by her as our agent in the said blog.

    This appointment shall only be terminated at the sole discretion of the appointer.

    Agreed by all parties,

    1) Jeansway & Anson
    2) Bambootong

    Specialhuman : The above speaks for itself. Please arrange for the necessary.

    Bambootong : You have 4 glasses of plain water so far, for the comments you made in this post.

    bambootong said...

    to jeansway and anson:

    i never agree to the appointment !!!!! objection !!!

    unless u give me 4 set of rojak
    4 bowls of laksa and 4 bowls of ais kacang.


    Doreen Chew said...

    Don't mind me interupting the flow of ur argument but kaevin, I think you look absolutely hot in that black shirt. Anybody is free to comment whatever shit about you but I think ur simply gorgeous. Are those two your good friends cause the middle guy got sepet eyes while the one next to him looks like a nerd. I get wet just looking at you. If you know what I mean ahem..

    bambootong said...

    aiyo, come on , back to the topic, who want to bcome agent? who ll bcome the lawyer? and who get the prize?

    specialhuman said...

    doreen chew:

    dry urself up, would ya?


    No worries. The prize will be urs :D

    jeans way said...

    bambootong :

    ok,as specialhuman said, the prize will be yours !...

    but, the laksa, ais kacang and rojak will be OURS.


    - END -

    anson said...

    i have to take legal action ady..
    luckily jeans way still got the BNW on hand.. :p

    bambootong said...

    anson: wat is BNW?

    jeansway & anson:
    the prize is mine. rojak , laksa , and ais kacang will be also MINE.
    dont rebut-rebut wth me, please?

    anson said...


    black n white.
    and you are the one that trying to rebut-rebut with we both.. :p