Monday, July 14, 2008

Urban Hill

I am not supposed to sit in front of the laptop.

I am not supposed to click on and click on 'new post' and start blogging.

But I did anyway, so...who cares.....test only ma. :P

Anyway, today post is about the hike last weekend.

I always knew that there's a mountain with majestic view right behind the condo that I am staying.

It was very near but i never got the time to hike there. Somehow last Saturday, a friend of mine who came back from US ask me out to hike. So I asked a couple of my coursemates to go with me and it ended up a total of 13 to be part of the team.

It started off with us crossing the freezing cold water in 645 in the morning....

Hiking in the dark

and then the skies was illuminated by the just risen sun.

Saw the dam? Nice right?

The mirror-like lake.

We were on the edge!


Girl Power! The 2 girl that brought another 11 guys up the hill! A bit paiseh la. Hahaha.

A group photo!

Front: Kae Vin, Kew
Back: JianXin, Denz, Ming, CS, kL, dd, Siang, Solomon, Thomas, Jiahua, JiaXian

The dog that climbed the hill together with us.

I love this photo!

Doggie again :D two thumbs up for it

Our breakfast. (not dog food k?)

and to my utter surprise, these 3 fellows brought a cake up the peak and celebrated my pre-birthday there! hahahah

It survived the hike! LOL (21 with 2 candle and a tree

A group photo up there!

Going down.

Thus end our journey.

For the technical writing about Bukit Tabur, read this by KY. Another version of this hike, please read this by kL

Besides, I made a video combining all the clips taken during the hike. Enjoy =)

p/s-> To those who frequent my blog should have noticed that I increased the photo size. Well, it means clearer photo but bulkier to be loaded. What say u? Remain 320 x 240? Or this new size (420x315)?


calvin said...

Hey, come lets go to the same place when I am back this August want? And about your photos, I guess it looks better with a larger size ;)

jeansway said...

Wow... Real nice view ! I love mountain and hill ler... Please arrange another day to go with me ! Hehe, since now you know the way, you can be my guide and porter ! Wahaha...

Umm, somehow or rather, I still prefer the 320 x 240 pic. Looks neat and nicer...

Kyflein said...

the alien wishes the human Happy Birthday~ ;)

Anonymous said...

Is cool man!
Happy Birthday!

specialhuman said...


Theoritically it should be alright.

U like larger size?


hahaha. PORTER? How much u wanna pay me? I charge RM100 per gram. :)


Thank u alien. Send my regards to ur fellow alienites. lol


Thanx :D

Niel said...

another trip. u rili enjoy life =.=
By the way, happy birthday! pls rmb to register,u know, to vote =.=
the photos should be bigger. that way they looked nicer

specialhuman said...


Thanx! :p

hahahah. I will. Certainly. To vote. hahahah

So u also think the photo should be bigger huh? hmmmm

KY KHOR said...

I got no complaint bout the photo size. but THAT is a prob if u want to post 2183746912 photos in 1 post lol.

Oi go Tabur without me? %@$#@*$

kim~~~ said...

wow... what an incredible journey!me n renee are impressed and envy too!

specialhuman said...


eh i got sms to ur 013 phone on Thursday asking u to go k? Don tell u discard that number dy....

No worries...just found out the fun of video


hahaha. Thanx. Find one day ask kL bring u all there la! lol ;)

=chuanguan= said...

miss it miss it..whose fault..whose fault? marah!!!!!

specialhuman said...


Ask urself la...If u can wake up in 5am in the morning I sure will call u go one.

Don be so emo la dear! lol ;p

KY KHOR said...


u sms'ed my 013? not sure why 013 got no roaming at Hong Kong...

specialhuman said...


Not my fault ya! ;P

Still at Hong Kong now?