Friday, July 25, 2008


I signed up for this Rage thing a month ago.

and my team name Budak KP (which stands for Kuching and Penang and afterall, it doesn't sound so bad when it was in line with other names. lol)

It kicked off with me and Moses carpooled Simon's Myvi together with his partner PoLyn Pauline.

We paid a visit to Setiawan and Teluk Intan.
Moses, Simon, Polyn Pauline, Me

We spent a night in Simon's house in Setiawan. (A big thanks to him and his family for accommodating us and I was really grateful to eat the Char Bi Hun that Simon's mum prepared for us 4am in the morning)

Early in the morning, we took off from Setiawan to Ipoh to storm the town!

Budak KP...I mean, Moses and Kae Vin  

Polyn Pauline and me posing the Bond pose.

Basically, Trailblazer was meant to remind us of those earlier settlers which are our ancestor to blaze the trail in Ipoh. How Ipoh used to be a mining town and a lively town back then and all the hardworks. Therefore, the games we played were kind of reflective about those things people used to do in Ipoh.

For example, building a house.

Home Express....We were required to build a house thingy.

Track Attack. Pulling a trolley with 12 people on it and the wheels must never touch the ground


Collecting water

Money Diggin'


There were few more games but I didn't post them up here. To be frank, I'm a little bit dissapointed with it. I signed up for this thing coz I thought it would be something like Amazing Race and it would require the person to be physically tough and intellectually well to win the game. Apparently, it turned out to be like some advanced level of Station Games where u could find in ur school or church. I mean, it would be suited to the common level of those high school students but it really was not what I expected.

When it came to the finalists, it was a bit unfair too. Come to think of it, it was supposed to be an individual game (in term of 2 person in a team) but somehow they ruined it by clustering 30++ teams into a group. Only the winning cluster got to enter the final and let the 30++ teams fight over the RM2000 prize.

It was rather unfair to those who trained months ago and read up all the history about Ipoh and did all the preparation wouldn't it? Just because the team entered a weaker cluster, it got kicked out.

OK. Enought with the ranting. Actually it's just me unhappy coz I couldn't get into the finals. RAGE! THE STAR! Trailblazer committee! Gimme back my RM2000!!! I could have won it if I got into finals!!!!! I read up history and info about Ipoh! I know the MP of Perak is Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin!! I knew the name of Ipoh originated from a tree!

Haihhh. Let bygones be bygones. I'll join again next time, if, the prize is lucrative enough. lol.

and a thousand thanks to Kok Pin who drove us around in Ipoh and took all the nice nice photo u saw above.

btw, another bonus for this trip is that, I met up with my cousin brother Yan Hoe who worked as a Marshal in the game. Haven't really seen him for years so it would be a perfect time for me to catch up with him. 

A same but much detailed post by Moses!

Moses, Polyn Pauline, Me, posing after being defeated.

The Orange Cluster.

Well that's all for now. I've got 3 reports, 3 assignments, plenty of tests and a song composing competition to work on. Pray to see me in one piece after that.



Kyflein said...

kinda down that i couldnt be there (as a Marshal). but it really is far from my imagination...
looks like it isn't only you who are disappointed. good experience anyway ;)

moses@りゅうこ said...

haha.. i want Rm2K also.. i want it.. want it.. yalor.. though was something like amazing race suddenly they gave us "surprise" tat we going to start off with station game. *sigh~! But anyway, i am looking for new challenging competition. Haha.. *pat shoulder* We had tried our best.

ÞăüLïŋë said...

OMG! Its PAULINE! i know u dun like me but dont make me sound like some plastic okay..*sneer*

specialhuman said...


haha. Yeah. Don be sad. There's next time :)


Yeah. Next time got anything must look for me as partner ya! hahaha


Changed. Who ask u always bully me? It's sweet revenge~ *wink*

=chuanguan= said...

lose lose d larr...dun kept on say can d then show off also won too late..wahahahhahahha....
kp boy stands for kampung boy larr...aduh...

specialhuman said...


running out of words to reply u...

anson said...

i like the kp = kampung!!!
at least this Budak KP will always think that they are the best among the other 30 teams in that group..
budak kampung.. :p

specialhuman said...


ahem....what at least budak kp's a fact k?