Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My 21

People often said that 21 is a big year. Something like after 21 u r already a grownup and stuffs like that.

Perhaps it is.

and I have just spend my 21st birthday yesterday, 15/7/08.

Along the way to 21 I have met various people and some of them walked into my life and some are still walking with me. Some left and some are still beside me. Some just joined lately.

However, whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever, whichever, I just wanna say that, all of u place an impact in my life, big or small, tiny or significance, all of u did and still do.

I have to admit that I am a people-oriented person (versus task-oriented). Everyone in my life means something to me.

Thank u, for being part of my life.

and now, it's time to blog about my birthday.

The Most Informative and Educational Gift

Given by Kyran and kL

The Sporty Gift

A sporty shoe bag

Given by ah guan and Anne

The Highest Altitude Cake

I made my birthday wish at Bukit Tabur. The highest place that I've ever made a wish lol.

Prepared by Jian Xin and Jia Xian and her sis, Jia Hua (not in this photo). No..Jian Xin and Jia Xian are totally not related. lol

The Most Chinese Meal

Ate this after the birthday bash.

Treated by the Birthday Bashers!

Front: Denz, ZenC, DD, Solomon, kL 
Middle: Ho, Waiseng, Esther, me, WChing 
Back: Guan, Kyran, Phikpei, Chunwai, Vinc, Quan 

The Eat-till-I-vomited Meal

Jogoya Japanese Buffet


Japanese Cuisine

Some random food in my plate

Treated by Solomon and Amy. =)

The Cutest and Most Practical Present

A tower. with my name sewed. Made by Solomon and Amy. ;)

The Ribeye

Victoria Station @ Ampang Park

VS Ribeye

Homemade Oxtail! Treated by Jeansway

The Furthest Gift

3 out of the 12 Left Behind Series brought back from Texas by Jian Xin. =)

The Ritual

Does everyone go tru that on their 21st birthday? lol

Censored. Part of the ritual I guess? ....I was stripped off in front of 10 pairs of eyes. ewww.....

The Meanest Wish

Who else? :p

My creamy 21! :D


Niel said...

congraqtz!!! but no thx the ritual thingy =.=

Niel said...

By the way, the video's great =.=

specialhuman said...


Thanx. Stop growing up! 21 is supposed to be tortured. ;p

kim~~~ said...

happy belated birthday. Even though i know it's kinda late but allows me to wish u!;)I can tell u received meaningful and useful present. kit!

ShinT said...

Na~ Here I am to leave comment^^
A bit curious about those meals..How come you can have 3 such meals in one day o? Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner ar..It seems to be a nice birthday o^^

Alvin Lee said...

hope u enjoyed our surprise that gave u that day ... haha , by the way , my name is " chun wai " not " jun wai " and is " phik pei " not " pei pei "... faster change it , if not kena bomb lo .....

specialhuman said...


Haha thanx...I love my presents a lot :D


Ala....I never forced u to leave a comment k? By the way...of coz not all that happened in one day la...I'll die of obesity


Yes boss! Changed it! and I absolutely definitely completely, totally, utterly, perfectly, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, unreservedly, certainly, positively, unquestionably, undoubtedly, surely, unequivocally, exactly, precisely, decisively, conclusively, manifestly, one hundred per cent..ENJOYED the surprise u guys gave me :)

=chuanguan= said...

am i gd towards u? pls do not havest feeling for me ya..wahahahhaa...

specialhuman said...


Yes u r definitely good towards me and I'll never harvest feeling for u. lol. I already gave my heard to someone else ;P

Wat's wrong with u pulak..sounded so gay. lol

celinetyy said...

when you go to the joyoga??

celinetyy said...

when you go to the jogoya??

specialhuman said...


I went there in the beginning of July.

~R3n3e~ said...

OMG!wat i can say is..."oouch!!"
lol...happy belaaaaaaaateeeeed bday!!haha...

specialhuman said...


Your bday wish is indeed very 'belated' lol. Anyway thanx!

It's more than Ouch k? It's Oooouuuccchhhh


ShinT said...

haha~No wonder la.. I thought how come you can eat so many in 1 day..No larr..Not forcing me lar..