Friday, July 04, 2008


Composing songs have always been an important part of my life.

I still vividly remember the first month I came to KL in 2005. The first month passed and my parents were coming down for a short visit as they were travelling down south and the first thing I wanted was my guitar. Yes, the guitar I bought when I was form 4 after I did my first job in the laksa stall for a month.

Actually I started composing songs when I was in form 3 (yeah it reminds me again how old I really am) under the influnce and encouragement of Joe

I still remember how we sticked together to make a new song before going for basketball in school. Since then I've started to compose song whenever I feel like it. As Mandarin is my mother-tongued, I usually compose in Chinese (So far never attempted an English song, yet, hehe). Whenever I got the inspiration, I try to express it out in the form of music. So I bought a Yamaha DGX series last year and I've never regretted it.

After all those long-winded introduction, I guess being a smart reader like u, should have already known what I'm trying to post today. It's all about song composition.

I joined a Chinese Song Composing Competition organized by Music Club in UTAR and I submitted 3 songs.

So, what I'm gonna do here to is to share the songs and I'll be glad to have feedbacks from all of u.


If your browser doesn't support MP3, Click here to download

The lyrics and score, click to download.


If your browser doesn't support MP3, Click here to download

The lyrics and score, click to download.


If your browser doesn't support MP3, Click here to download

The lyrics and score, click to download.

Feel free to comment. By the way, those are just demo's so they are a bit short. The full version will be recorded if I could win the competition :) The first song is sang by Wc and ah Ting. and the other 2 are by me. hehehe. The voice is a bit out. Please don't mind and please comment about the composition.

Thank you very much for your patient! :D I'll have to rush for my reports and assignments and mid terms......Probably won't be blogging until the coming Trailblazer!

Signing Off! ;)


Niel said...


jeans way said...

失落 is a very very nice song ! Do you know that it is my current phone SMS tone ? Hehe...Semua orang kata sedap ler. Sure win liao ! All the Best...

joe wee chuah said...

oh my gosh...this is awesome man!! love the songs...ur composition has progressed to another level man! keep up the good work! hope u'll win the competition.

anson said...

who is Wc and ah ting?

jeans way,
失落 is good, but I love 故事 more.. :p

so you are the one that influenced and encouraged KV right? when shall listen to urs then? :p

all 3 songs are nice! hope you can win something in the competition.. but now at least u hv ady won something.. recognition from us.. :p
keep the hardwork..
by the way, what is Yamaha DGX series?
and who played the music of 故事? so nice!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... u really make full use of wat u hav... good~

calvin said...

I guess I will be the first person to give a critical opinion on your three songs. Like what I'd told you before this, your songs usually start with a bang, but it is a pity that they tend to lose their magic towards the middle and ending part. This is just my personal opinion, but overall, they are three great songs. I have hard time to choose my favourite song between 故事 and 失落. 失落 sounds like an emotional song, while 故事 is more to a love song I guess. My vote will go for 故事 ;)

All the best to you in the competition :)

specialhuman said...


Thanks :)


Don say 'sure win' la...I got strong competitors k?


Thanx a lot. But still not up to ur level lol! ;)

Long time never heard ur song also. Hehe. Record some and post it out k?


Wc and ah Ting are my classmates. ;) and thanx for all of ur recognition. i'll strive for the contest :)

By the way, Yamaha DGX series is my keyboard and I played the background music of 故事.

and joe has previously posted his own composition on his blog:

Check it out!


Abo then? :)


Ya. The demo version is not supposed to have a full climax and ending. That's y it's called a demo. A lot of friends said that the song hasn't reached the peak yet and I guess it's the length of the song. If I were to repeat the chorus a few more times and hit it with a key rise I think it'll do the 'magic' that u said :)

Anyway thanx for ur critical comment. I appreciate honest comments like that very much :)

So 故事 is a hit huh? lol

jeans way said...

失落 still the best :p

But the background music of 故事 is very nice !


kykhor said...

wat software u use to type the song sheet?

specialhuman said...


So actually u like which one?


Guitar Pro + Adobe Photoshop ;p

jeans way said...

hehe... why must u force me to say this ;P ?

well, if only background music, I like 故事.

but overall, i like 失落.

No offence to whosoever yah... :p

anson said...

u shd fully utilise it for the sake of SGC!! :p

not able to listen to his song when i clicked on the play button..
please send me individually if possible.. thanks!!

aiLean said...

Hey KV, i'm ai ling(2005 zhu li jun). I've been visited your blog quite regular but never leave a note here:p but i cant help myself exit your blog this time without leaving a word of praise.
Your compositions are great,*claps*.
i love both gu shi and shi luo, they give two different feelings.
all the songs are in soothing mode.

~R3n3e~ said...

i like wei xiao!! coz i like to smile!! *cold* wakakak...

nola,bt i really like d 2nd song bt kim likes 1st song...

when u got prizes frm tat comp n intend to transform it into MTV can find me ya!! i'll help u think story,help u record it...haha!! FOC o!!

specialhuman said...


u r so indecisive


How exactly am I suppose to fully 'utilise' myself?

Try this again :)


Hehehe. I gotcha, one of the secret visitor! hahaha. Anyway i remember u k? No need to so longwinded introduce urself! hahaha.

Thanx for ur compliment! :D Please leave more comments in the future ya.


hahaha. U n Kim got different taste? :)

by the way, i tot u wanna be the main play in the MV? lol hahahaha. Be the Fencing master! ;p

jeans way said...

Not that I am indecisive ler.

Haih, you still don't get what I mean... Nvm lah, stick to 失落. :p

K3ViN said...

i just blog hopping from calvin from japan blog.... Really a nice song. Really hope u can win the competition..... Br frank i also a misic lover... no music no life.... Wanna link up?

specialhuman said...


Ok ok. We all know u love 失落


Welcome :D. Another name ends with

Sure thing, just add my link :)

Anonymous said...

for 故事:
but overall very good...xD

Anonymous said...

where got oo??
in 故事..
both the singers is good + kaevin's composition of the song = perfect!!! hahah.. praise u har kaevin

specialhuman said...

anonymous 1:05:

Oh, which version?

anonymous 1135:

hahah thanx la but that's his opinion ma. :)

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

your song full of melody.nice!
interest to be composer?:)
but ,i felt that your glance when staring people just from your photo a bit offence..but just photo lah,dont mind!:)

specialhuman said...

anonymous 10:18 PM:



anonymous 7/16/2008 3:46 PM:
Thanx. No I am more interested to be an engineer :) Song composing...will remain as my hobby I guess.

Offensive? lol? Which photo?