Monday, June 30, 2008

Olympic Day Run

Life is like a marathon - we keep running and have no idea how long we'll last.

On this cloudy Sunday, freak like me (there were 10 of us!) woke up in an i-don-wanna-wake-up weather when the sun hadn't even risen. We gathered at the carpark downstairs and we took off to the train station to get to dataran merdeka.

it was actually organized by McD and the only requirement to get a cert is to run 7km in 50min. The last time I completed a proper marathon was 5 years ago when I was 16 and I ran 10km without stopping for 1 hour in the Penang Bridge Run. Anyway, I constantly go swimming and jogging and basketball to keep myself in shape la k?

Apparently, we were aiming high but upon reaching Dataran merdeka, I think we all gave up. lol

So we had a group photo session in the midst of the runners.

Front: Tzuan, Vic, Kae Vin
Back: Ming, kL, Denz, Siang, Ho, ZenC, Kyran.Right after this photo, we heard the gunshot and people started to run. Luckily I got my camera back fast enough. lol.

and I ran with the very same shoes that I wore to the Mount Kota Kinabalu Trip! and I never washed it since then lol! So I was running together with the soil and the germs and the smell of Mount KK. ;) Oh I'm so nostalgic. (Ahemm......)

By the way, I met 2 of the most impressive women in this marathon.


The punky lady with purple hair running on Jalan Mahameru. (Motorists: Walao eh!)

It's really a bad idea to take photo when u're running....but...I just cannot tahan la! Somemore Kyran and Ming were serving as the background! hahaha!

The second one would go to D3018! The barefoot lady running 7km! *Two-thumbs-up*

Since it's organized by McD, how could we miss the chance to camwhore together with Uncle McDonald? 

With another bunch of friends who were willing to wake up at 6am in the morning to run!

and we could literally sleep on the very main road in KL!

Finally, the rank of the 10 of us. Well, the names were as given in the photo before. I was thinking to make my blog a little bit more interactive so I've come up with this idea: I'll belanja Penang Laksa to whom ever match all the legs and the names correctly! ;) (Terms and conditions applied, no cheating, and those who joined the marathon are not eligible to take part in this contest! ;p)


Kyflein said...

Urghh~!! i missed it!!
how i wished i had gone with my frens~

did u get the cert anyway? :D

KY KHOR said...

i like the 3:45m++ lol. well it's not an answer, just a leg festish?

kv's = 5:50min. hint ---> shoe

Jeans Way said...

I think I get it right ! Provided the names given in ur photo no.2 are all correct. Here it is...

1:35min is Siang {photo 7)
2:40min is Denz (photo 7)
3:45min is Ho (agak-agak)
4:45min is Ming (photo 5)
5:50min is Goh Kae Vin (100% sure)
6:55min is Kyran (photo 5&7)
7:56min is Tzuan (guess but quite sure)
8:60min is Kien Loong (photo 7)
9:65min is Vic (guess but quite sure)
10:65 is ZenC (agak-agak)

Ready for the laksa anytime :p

kL said...

Even i can't get those name correct... I think i onli know which is my leg... So let me join la!!!!!! XD

specialhuman said...


U should go. Yeah i got the cert! hahaha.

ky khor:

Argh leg festish ha. Nvm i'll introduce the guy to u some day! lol

and y u guess only one? Don't fancy laksa meh...hahaha


I'll reveal the answer on this Friday. hehehe. Anyone interested can still make a guess! :D


noob la.

calvin said...

I will still be getting a bowl of laksa without getting all the guesses correctly xD

Anyway, you leg is the hairiest of them all lol...

=chuanguan= said...

dun jia jia here la...i know u take this oportunity to take gals' pretty leg huh..ahhaa..caught u har...hahahaha...hahahaha

anson said...

1:35 - siang
2:40 - denz
3:45 - zenc
4:45 - ming
5:50 - kaevin
6:55 - kyran
7:56 - tzuan
8:60 - kl
9:65 - vic
10:65 - ho

anson said...


either is you or me now! :p

jeans way said...


Nvm, either you or me, thats my answer too... Haha, coz the two I really agak-agak. And you real curi tulang hor, juz change the two's positions. teruklah you...

jeans way said...

Shit.. Now I know my above answer was wrong (And, Anson you are right !) Here, my new answer and the hint !

1:35min is Siang {photo 7)
2:40min is Denz (photo 7)
3:45min is ZenC (the last name, no hint)
4:45min is Ming (photo 5)
5:50min is Goh Kae Vin (100% sure)
6:55min is Kyran (photo 5&7)
7:56min is Tzuan (guess but quite sure)
8:60min is Kien Loong (photo 7)
9:65min is Vic (guess but quite sure)
10:65min is Ho (photo 8)

This time sure got laksa ! Haha...

specialhuman said...


Make sure u make it to malaysia in one piece then penang laksa is not a prob.

My leg is hairy is a well-known fact. wuahaha. Too bad those who r more hairier than me didn't join the marathon! hahaha


See, ur mind is corrupted already. I didn't even think of that when i took the photo and u thought of that when u saw them. No wonder ur blog got title like sexaholic and the wonders of sex la...hahaha


Thank u for ur support and patient to solve the answer!


Jawapan muktamad?

jeans way said...

Yah, muktamad !

Hey, you never thank me for my support and patience pun ? So damn unfair !

specialhuman said...


Thank u for ur patience and support to solve the question several times. lol

anson said...

hey, this is subjective or objective questions?
if objective, then my answer shd be no different with jeansway's answer..
if it's subjective, then i will try my very BEST to eeeeeeeeeeelaborate my answer! :p

specialhuman said...

hahahahaha......if u can elaborate then maybe i can belanja u laksa + ice kacang! muahahaha

jeans way said...

it is only two times, ok ? and it is a very minor one. :p

~R3n3e~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~R3n3e~ said...

i wan join oso!!although i dunno 80% of them...haha! bt i stil hope i can got d laksa...n today is d last day!!

1:35 - Ho
2:40 - Kyran
3:45 - Denz
4:45 - Ming
5:50 - Kv
6:55 - Siang
7:56 - Vic
8:60 - Kl
9:65 - Tzuan
10:65 - Zenc

mayb my ans all wrong bt i think nvm la...since i so support ur 'game',jz spend me d laksa la!! wakakaka!!

specialhuman said...


2 times also several times. lol


Ok lo....if u come Penang sure belanaja...hahaha

so the correct answer is:


Anson and Jeansway scored! hahahah

Jeans Way said...

Yeah, Bingo !

Hey Anson, you free to come to Penang not ? If not, you appoint me as your representative, to redeem the prize -- eat Laksa ! Wahaha...

Kae Vin, for two of us who doesn't know your frens there (except KL) but managed to get the answer right, I think we deserve more ler... Hehe...

anson said...

hey, jeansway, he will be on penang for more than 3 months.. i think i will go and redeem it myself..
but, its always the best to share with others..
so im offering you to go with me and we share ONE bowl of laksa.. as we all know that KV will only spend us ONE and nothing more than that!!!

jeans way said...

Anson ! Yaloh, betul juga ! Hehe, agree agree, deal deal deal. We go there on December. If he is kind enough, he should think of treating us each one bowl loh since we go up so far... See whether he is kind or not loh :p

specialhuman said...


Don be so greedy la. Wanna eat the prize alone? Cannot be la!


Don say until me so lousy k? At least I'll ask the auntie to add more noodles into ONE single bowl lo! wuahaha

anson said...

c!! still he is giving ONEEEEEEEEEE bowl instead of TWO..
haih.. wat to do.. this is who KV is..