Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brutal Pet

I kinda have a 'thing' for exotic pet like, a python, tarantula or lizard.

But I don't keep them because u know, it's costly and it's never a good idea to bring them on the bus riding home (now imagine taking a 4 hour bus home with a python strangle on ur neck!). lol!

Anyway, I love insects too. Those crawling or flying six leg tiny creatures that can appear out of nowhere.

So I'm keeping praying mantis as my pet.

There're a few reasons for me to do so:

1. Praying mantises are interesting when they are eating. I enjoy seeing those creatures tearing their preys apart and eat them raw and alive! (somehow reveal the violence traits in me. lol)

2. They are easy to keep and bring around. (I almost bring my mantis along to Kuching!)

3. They don't need accompaniment or carassing or extra care. All u have to provide is food!

4. They don't bark at u.

5. You don't need to bath them.

6. You don't need to pick up their shit or afraid that they'll pee on u.

7. They come to me automatically:

First encouter: November 2004. It came to my car porch back in my home in Penang. I kept it for 3 months and freed it. I called it the green one.

2nd: May 2007. It flew to the car porch in my Penang home too.
http://kaevin.blogspot.com/2007/06/mia.html. It died after one month. I called it the red one.

3rd: 27 March 2008. 2 baby mantis nymph flew to my Japanese text book when I was having Jap class in UTAR. One drowned and one survived until last Saturday, which was about 3 months old.

4th: 5 June 2008. It flew to my bed in KL. Alive until today.

Hmmm, and there're still numerous encounter with Mantis when I went camping but I didn't take them down as they didn't come to me.

and i really love to see when they hunt

Somehow, seeing them chewing the struggling flies brings me satisfaction. Especially those bugging insects that would ruin my life.lol

When it was still a nymph.

It grew up a lot after 3 months. Somehow it died of some kinda infection. I wonder any vet that treats mantis? The picture showed the last flies that it ate.  

The mantis that tried to hunt on my bed. lol

Anyone who share the same passion for mantis? ;)


=chuanguan= said...

omg omg omg omg...u r sick..u r brutal..u r violent..u r sadist..u r...just omg omg omg omg..u say u enjoy watching mantis tearing its prey apart..imagine u r da prey 1 day...how do u feel..lol...omitofat..sin coi..sin coi...wahahahhha...

KY KHOR said...

u have a thing for the cold blooded pets who dun even recognize it's master?

for me - golden retriever. eos.

Cheong Ket Vin said...

dun let the mantis bite you ~ else we will see you become mantis-man and hunting flies one day :D

specialhuman said...


There're thousands of flies being eaten everyday.

ky khor:

I have enough people recognizing my face already. lol

ket vin:

lol. Mantisman huh~?

Niel said...

yucks...u shud talk to my dad abt excotic pets. he reckons he will keep a tiger in the future!!!
KY loves GR? I got one at home!!! u're more than welcome to visit 1-year-old Fang!

specialhuman said...


hahahah. TIGER?? Serious? My mantis no fight then...lol
and u ask ky to go ur house. Later he stay there permanently don wan leave or steal ur dog instead! hahaha

moses@トラ said...

ryuuko is here! yup yup.. ryuuko is here!! argghhh!!!! Love ur pet.. mantis. Heard of the Chinese old folk story before? tat the praying mantis nvr step backward and keep moving forward to defend itself. Maybe next time i go back hometown then bring the storybook back to KL and let u see. Haha.. I dunno what infection tat a mantis got lo.. Blek! Looking forward to Trailblazer in Ipoh.. i even had it pin on my notice board. Haha...

specialhuman said...


yeah everyone knows ryuuko is here!

Yeah I read about the story b4. There's even a proverb about it.

LOL...aiyo...u biomedic students also donno the infection meh? How to save lives then? hahaha

Anyway, i'm looking forward to teaming up with u in the Trailblazer...Behold Ipoh, Budak Kuching and Penang gonna rock the town!

kL said...

The ass of the mantis changed colour, maybe "o si" oredi no wipe ass gua...

specialhuman said...


No toilet paper how to wipe? lol

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I had a mantis once for a fortnight or so...it was AWESOME. catching flies in MID-FLIGHT!!(I kept it in a jar) then they chew them up and you see the fly disappear,bite by bite, struggling, failing... it really is awesome,people should try getting one,or like Kaevin said, they COME FOR YOU...