Sunday, May 18, 2008


We are living on a very volatile planet aren't we?

The cyclone in Myanmar, the earthquake in China, again shattered mankind, showing how fragile life can be.

Nonetheless, we could see how disaster unite the people. We see parents sacrificing themselves to give their children lives, we see best friends holding hands in the dark narrow cleft of crushed building warming each other to stay alive for more than 48 hours, we see a high school kid digging his classmates out from the crumbled stones with his bare and swollen and bleeding hands, we see rescuers work days and nights to make sure people are saved from the wreckage.

I guess these disasters brought us some message which we overlook all the while:

Life, is definitely more than what you think it is.

So, stop fussing about all those teeny-weeny matters and get a life.

Last, my deepest condolences to all the victims and families. I may not feel ur pain but I definitely believe that u r strong enough to make it through.


KY KHOR said...

"So, stop fussing about all those teeny-weeny matters and get a life."

lol i like this line!

specialhuman said...


I said that to myself and to everyone who thinks they did :D

ShinT said...

somebody told me something about this disaster..
you know why Jesus chose China to be the disaster area?
The answer that i get is because China is the place which is full deity Buddha...
Well, i believe that this is only the starting of the disaster...

specialhuman said...

har?? That's too biased la.

Disaster by all means is not necessary a punishment. It's the random effects of the nature and it serves a purpose: To unite human beings.

There's somehow a revelation in bible saying that the disasters will slowly unite the people and thus forming some kind of world government.

I think as a Christian, we are not supposed to judge a disaster by saying the cause of it or whatsoever. We should recognize the fact that they are people who're also precious in the eye of the God and we should try our best to give them our help. Don't rub salt into wound anymore.

By the way, as a matter of facts, the number of Christian in China is significantly MORE than Malaysia. lol. That makes the accusation false anyway. lol.

Anonymous said...

nice travel..nice place..really hope also can go!haha~~~