Sunday, May 11, 2008

Passionate about Penang

So I went to Pantai Keracut, again, for the FIFTH time. lol (see the first, second, third, fourth)

U guys must be wondering, what's wrong with this guy, so in love with this seemingly ordinary beach huh? (well i m not the only one, mr Jeansway also cant help it but goes to this beach everytime he comes back to penang lol)

Well, one reason I love this place is that, u can't reach there but by hiking the mountain. (unless u r willing to pay rm50 for a fish boat ride)

(the beach is at the left hand side)

and that alone, makes thing very interesting.

Imagine u r trekking in the jungle for like, 45 minutes (i did it at 42 min 08 sec this time lol), and then finally, it leads u to a beach greeting u with white sand, eagle spiraling in the sky, the endless ocean and the rhythmic waves hitting on the beach. It just felt like, all the panting and muscle-ache worth it after all.

and another reason I love this beach is that, u can actually see some little turtles if u r lucky enough (and we were!)

However, this round the little turtles were kept inside a big bucket with covering. So much different than the first time, I was actually allowed to put the turtles crawling over my dead body.

Baby Turtle On The Move!

Anyway, i think May is the season for turtle hatching, coz the last time i saw a turtle was last year May.

Thinking of getting this home for my mantis lol

Well another thing that makes Pantai Keracut special is the meromitic lake. Well a meromitic lake is special because there's not oxygen in the lake. It's the only 1 of 2 in Asia and 1 of 19 in the world. U can read it up in wiki if u r interested bout it.

Turnturtled crab

hmm, and the beach is so full of craps crabs lol!

After the hike, it was already in the twilight moment, everyone was hungry. In my humble opinion, to be hungry in Penang is actually a blessing lol!

because......Penang is so full of good food! hahaha

and thus, ladies and gentlemen, I present u the dinner after hiking!

Char Kuey Tiao!


and Tomyam Mee!

Are u drooling now??? LOL. Save it for ur stomach's sake. lol. U need the saliva to dilute the acid secreted in ur stomach after watching the pictures above! lol

PS: This round I went P.K with:

ALTan and....

Andrew aka Jeansway

SO, Anyone going to Pantai Keracut with me next time??? hehehe

By the way, I'll be off to Kuching tomoro for a week, please be very anticipated for the upcoming post! :D


moses@トラ said...

I want~! I want~! I want~! Miss asam laksa... =(

But.. hehe.. I flying back Kch and in the same time be ur "tourist guide" and hope tat I can bring u guys to almost all d nice eatery places and interesting places within ur staying period. =P

Welcome to Kch! Enjoy our bumi kenyalang ya!

KY KHOR said...

5th time only meh?

hmm next time try break my 34mins record ^^. we ran out to End of The World, tapao dinner fried rice for the group then ran back to Keracut before getting dark.

anson said...

when will be my turn?? probably next May??? :)

specialhuman said...


I m now back in Penang lol.

U r the best tour guide :D I really enjoyed my days in Kuching. Thanx ya :D


Lol i'll try to break it, without carrying fried rice :D


U suka la. just make sure i'm in penang