Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Journey to the East

Alright, here's the Kuching travelogue.

Before I get started I have to warn u guys that there's a total of 87 photos in this post. (They're resized to 320x 240 or 320 x 427). So be very patient if u really wanted to view all those photo.

So i'll begin by introducing some VIP in this trip, without them the trip wouldn't be so fun and trouble-free.

First and foremost, the super tour guide and hotel living room provider: Moses!

and then, the Nissan provider, Cai Ping!

and this is the all-powerful Nissan Sunny!

To be frank, I have pondered for long how to update this post as we took a total of 1500 photos and 47 videos. It would be impossible for me to upload even half of them here. So, I've figured out some sort of ways to update them - I'll group them, not chronological but according to genre.

So basically I sorted out 4 groups which are

Kuching Town
last but not least, Camwhore...LOL!

So I'll with Kuching. In Kuching, we visited a couple of museums (History of Chinese Museum, Cat Muzium and some-other-unknown-name-tiny-Museums) But I'll not upload anyphoto of museums here. Mainly because there're not much things about them and I'm so not gonna tell u the history of Kuching.

So the photo I upload here will mainly be the icons and landmarks of the city.

Kuching Town

Waterfront View

Waterfront view 2. Some kind of state government building.

Waterfront in daylight: Metal Hornbill

One of the souvenir shops in front of waterfront. Only angmo will buy those things!

The landmark of Kuching: A Cat


Another 2.

A rather nice Hokkien Temple

Civic Centre. We went up and had a view of the whole Kuching. One of the tallest buildings in Kuching I guess.

Here comes sightseeing.

Honestly I think Moses can be a pretty professional tour guide. He knew a lot of places and history and details of those places. I guess he could be a tour guide if he doesn't wanna work in the biomedical field. lol

We went a couple of places in these 5 days:
Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai Beach, Semenggoh Wild Life Centre(which we got to see Orang Utan in action!), Pitcher Plant's Park, Jong's Crocodile Farm, Windy Cave, Fairy Cave and Matang.

Sarawak Cultural Village is a living museum (this is what the brochure said). There're houses of different ethnics in this village (yes they stay there) and those houses are built exactly how the natives/Orang Asli built them.

The Orang Usli Style Staircase!

Got kampung feel lei?

A rather cool rooftop

Some idols

A rather unmatched loud speaker lol

Inner Part of a Iban l

It took me a while to snap this. Red dragonfly.

Orang Ulu with a pretty tall house

Front View. Impressive architecture :)

and we got to see some cultural performance

Some kind of patungs

Damai Beach

Went for a swim in the sea nearby

Semenggoh Wildlife

We were lucky to be there at the feeding time

Here's the ape! (the ape: here are the men!)

Nananana, u can't get me.

Pitcher Plant's Park

Enough said! :D (it's just me lazy to say something)

Jong's Crocodile Farm

An intriguing scene: A goat with a parrot.

it made me thought of Steve Irwin

Having shower under the hot sun!

A pond full of water lily! (No crocodile inside lol)

A flat-mouthed crocodile with it's upper jaw twisted.

Feeding time!


Tasik Biru

A nice lake in Bau, a small town

Windy Cave

A way out

What are u thinking now?

ew, I smell of bat shit

Treasure hunter!


Fairy Cave

It's one of the most majestic cave I've ever seen. The ceiling of the cave is at least 30meters from the ground and the sun ray shines in and illustrates the cave. Yeah it's indeed a cave for fairy to live in.

Another world through the cleft

Plants growing everywhere



balik kampung. lol. Turn off ur volume please!

A place in the fairy tales.

A throat-like rock

The photographer

Matang Red Bridge

Guess what, the newspaper the day after we went there reported that there's a drowning case of a high school kid on that very spot few hours before we took the photo. Scary....

and now, the food moment!

I'll not bear any responsibility to ur hunger triggered by the photo below

Seoh Bi

Dried style beef noodle

Beef noodle soup

Kolo Mee

Sarawak Laksa

Kolo Mipok

Kompiah (originates from Sibu)

Kampuah (also originates from Sibu)

Sarawak Laksa

Heng Hua Noodle (well we r lucky enough coz this u'll hardly find any selling outside, it's custom made by Moses's mum! =))

Tomoro gravy with fried noodle

Kuey Chap

Hakka Kolo Mee in Bau. The noodle is a bit different from Kuching's

By the way, what I had eaten was actually more than what u have just seen. The photos above are the food which I think delicious. and Moses' mum dishes are very great too. It's just that it's meaningless to show them here since u'll have no chance to taste it anyway. lol. Unless u go n marry Moses now la. wuahaha.

and ladies and gentlemen, behold, it's the camwhore moment now and I demand all of u to watch them closely!

there're a lot more but I don't wanna scare the shit out of u so I'll just stop here.

and I'll end this post with some vast difference of Kuching and West Malaysia
1. Most of the road sign are written in bilingual - English and Chinese
2. The satellite dishes are damn big in Kuching!

Huge huh?
3. The weather is hot! The chicks are hot! But the food is not at all!
4. Hardly see any public transport (bus, taxi)

That's all for my Kuching Trip. Thank u for ur patient! Muaksssss....yawn....it's 3am now....Good night.

Peace out~


moses@トラ said...

haha.. my 2nd experience as "tourist guide" surely improved a lot. Lol! Hope tat the 5days Kch trip will be a memorable and enjoyable time for u guys. I enjoy myself too and have fun with u guys. *smiles* Next up.. i go get my "license" as Kch tourist guide. YEah~! Haha... see u guys in KL soon.. it still hot n stuffy here in Kch. =P

anson said...

places and food again..
anything more special?? :p
hehe.. so many request.. paiseh..

calvin said...

Do you notice that almost all the food in Sarawak start with the letter "K"? Kolo mee, kampua mee, kolo mipok, kompiah, kueh chap...

Anyway, the cave looks cool, and you actuallypose at that white cat who were supporting both parties in the last GE.

specialhuman said...


yup thanx :D

fast fast come back KL la...Kuching so hot....lol


wait until u have a blog first then u'll know....

hahahah blek


lol. because my name starts with K too muahahah....

let me guess....u must be a loyal fan of kennysia.com huh?

ShinT said...

lol..i din turn off the volume...
balik kampung~~~~~
well...you really like mee only ar?!
there were no any rice's form among those photos e!!
You look like enjoy this trip very much!
well...I started my study already, college life is quite nice wat!!^^

specialhuman said...

lol. The balik kampung thing will sure freak u out if u turn it on in the middle of the night. lol

and yes indeed i fancy noodle more. and in Kuching there's no rice-related food that's famous ma. Anyway I ate a lot of rice in my fren's house, and the dishes were nice.

hehehe. Ur college life has just started. It's only just begun! lol...

KY KHOR said...

I want to complaint about the 87 photo thingy....

aint that too much for a blog post? :X

anson said...

u always eat alot geh la.. :p

specialhuman said...


yes it's indeed too much. but i have a habit of updating a thing in a post.

No choice la. I took 1500 pictures in Kuching lei. 87/1500 is like, 5.8%? lol


not eat alot. but eat a lot of GOOD food...muahahha :P

mtbrendon said...

Haha,hope u dun mind i drop a comment here... the roundabout in kuching surely bigger than the west coast,rite?...haha,ur friend really like a professional tour guide, i can see tat u have really go to a lot of wonderful places in kuching...

specialhuman said...


of coz u r most most most welcomed to drop a comment here! LOL! Yeah right, the roundabout are so huge it as if they r designed for giants! Unlike penang one, they torn down the smallest roundabout at the botanical garden junction to gurney and the roundabout is so small that it can allow only 1 car at a time! hahah

Glad to see u here! Pay more visit ya! :D

Welcome to blogger! :D