Friday, May 09, 2008

An Ipoh Day

It's not very far to go Ipoh from Penang. and I decided I will have to go and refresh my memory about this quiet town and it's nice food. So here I go.

Ipoh is a town surrounded by mountain. It's like living in a valley.

The Ipoh style WanTanMee outside the stadium

The harkao (shrimp dumpling) is smooth and juicy~!

The fried kuey teow, also outside the stadium. Not bad.

and they have this big apple donuts in the mall

A long queue of donuts and people. But i like Jco better. lol

A labyrinth of choco-donuts. How I dream that I could play hide and seek in it! lol

The old town.

and yeah, Ipoh trip is never complete without going for ngachoi kai (Beansprout Chicken)

Let me present u, the all time famous Ipoh Ngachoi kai with horfun!


I love the gravy.

The chicken feet. This gravy tasted differently from the chicken meat one. It's "spoon lickin' good" anyway!

Last but not least, the local tour guide who brought me around Ipoh for a day. Wanna know who is him? Figure it out urself! lol

I'll call it a day with nice and peaceful feeling~ :D


ShinT said...

really nice^^
but i just wonder about how many kgs will you gain o!!hoho~
but nvm larr..just enjoy ^^

calvin said...

Did you stopped by Taiping on your way there? Or if you need a tour guide there, call me when I'm back ;)

You didn't visit the temples in the caves in Ipoh?

specialhuman said...


i exercise n workout to burn away fats k?


i didn't. lol. the tour guide is in japan instead. lol! blek

Temples is not my thing anyway. I think i visited it last time. Unless it's very special or else I'll not visit them. Plus my fren said he never thought of bringing me there. lol so we just passed by

Well actually me n my friend, we spent the time loitering around Ipoh telling me his stories. like how he grew up n places that mean alot to him.

I like it to be more personal :D

anson said...

ipoh food so so nia la.. :p

specialhuman said...


ok la. Better than KL lo...hahaha