Wednesday, May 07, 2008


What happens when the LCD screen gets overheated?

Well this is what happened to my laptop which will be 3 year old next month. The screen tries to make your life better by forming some lines with the colour of rainbow. lol.

Well that's kinda pathetic huh. I guess u can see that the lines get very intense at the right hand side but there's only one line at the left hand side. There was a story about it.

Once a upon a time, my laptop processor cooler fan was so clogged up with dust and little insect and debris and human body cells and hairs and who-knows-what and the aluminum cooler stick was not screwed to the processor. and that, has caused my laptop to turn off everytime i tried to run some powerful application like photoshop or even movies.

However, that turning off thingy itself saves my monitor from being burned off. So I opened up the processor and cleaned up the 'clogged dump' and screwed the cooler to the processor and my laptop hasn't turned off itself since.

Nonetheless, months after I cleaned up the processor, the burning lines again started to increase over the time at the right hand side and I just couldn't bother (I have been pretty busy) to open up the laptop again. (The first time took me 2 or 3 hours to find the right way to open up the laptop and another 1 hour to cut off the broken screw, oh trust me, I tried google and read the manuals, they're just not helping)

The lines increase everyday if I have forgotten to switch off my pc and there're about 30 of them right now (I guess I forgot to turn on my pc for a month! lol). and it's unbearable to see new lines forming on my laptop, it bothers me when i tried to read something on the right hand side. So, the second night I got home, I decided to open up the laptop and see what's wrong.

So I started to open up the casing (this time it took me only 5 minutes, hehe, experienced already.)

See the black thing on the left hand side? It's the fan the thing at the right is the processor. Oh ya, in case u open up ur pc too, u r not suppose to touch the processor or any chips with ur bare hand. Sometimes the electrostatic charge on your hand will kill them. lol.

I checked the fan, they were not clogged up in any sense that they would heat up and burn the monitor. So I guess it was not the dust or cooler's matter. and I decided to open up the monitor as well.

and it proved me some points. This is the back of the monitor with a piece of aluminum foil and some wires sticking on it. See the black one? It's the culprit of flaming the monitor! Look at the shadowish line at the white surface. The white surface was the back of the lcd screen. The line on it was not shadow but results of being burnt! Oh poor laptop. That explains why all the line focus on the right hand side of the screen.

So I thought, I would have to remove the wire. but then it'll be too risky. This wire connects the pc board to the screen. Simply removing it will probably be disastrous. (LOL, no computer for a week at home?)

Staring at the parts, suddenly I got an idea. The aluminium foil at the back of the lcd screen is to lower the temperature of the screen by transmitting heat from the wire (I guess the wire is the only source of heat as lcd screen itself doesn't emit heat). So i'll just have to wrap the wire up with some aluminum foil! This will cool it down faster.

luckily there were some aluminum foil from the Milo Tin in my house. LOL.

and voila, it does the trick! I can turn on my laptop for like 24 hours and not a single new line is forming!

Hohoho, my laptop is so gonna last for another 3 years! ^.^


ShinT said...

you dare to fix it up like this arr..
speechless =.=|||
be careful when you are using it then ^^
really full of admiration with you lar

calvin said...

now i know who will i send my laptop to when there is a problem. you won't charge me, right? ^^

KY KHOR said...

when you said "didn't turn off the PC", is it in sleep mode, or everything's on mode?

If it's latter case, I wonder why u had the LCD swithed on all the time lol. it does has the screensavev/auto-turn off monitor function right?

btw cool fixin.

Kyflein said...


Niel said...

Agreed with calvin. thx ya kai wei =.=
Cool fixing anyway. perhaps u can build a bomb from spare parts bought in pasar malam? @_@

specialhuman said...


no need to admire la. All u need is some guts and a screw driver to do that. lol


ya right. As if u'll send ur laptop all the way back to KL for some amateur and take the risk that ur laptop may never be in one piece anymore. lol :P

I donno y but turning off the screen speeds up the burning process. U try to switch off ur monitor and look very closely into the screen, u'll see that actually the lcd just 'turns off' the lights without actually turn off the lcd.

Thanx for ur compliment :D


and the first thing i'll do is to test the bomb in ur house! LOL.

ShinT said...

i just know i will only spoil everything with that tools...
they cant work in my hand!lol

specialhuman said...


lol...just believe that u can do, then u can! hahahah ;)

Cheong Ket Vin said...

wow bro, I like what you did in this post as much as the term "defeverization"!!

specialhuman said...

ket vin:

hahaha....yeah thanx~ i guess i just kinda invented the word

anson said...

i memang tak boleh tahan with ur capability!!! geng!

specialhuman said...


hahaha. not that 'geng' la. lol