Sunday, April 06, 2008


There's a gap between me and everyone.

A big one.

Language is not a very efficient way to transmit my very conceptual idea and thoughts to people around me.

It's in vain, it's just like an attempt made to explain what is colour to the blinds and what is music to the deaf.

Human, a sensual being that constantly requires understanding and empathy from other sensual being. Without communication, a man can go insane.

However, there hasn't been any very effective way of communicating. Language has it own limits. Mandarin is my mother tongue and English is my second language and yet sometimes I couldn't transform a certain feeling or thoughts into some kind of words.

It's just like...explain the colour red. If someone has never seen red before, no matter how hard you try to explain, he wouldn't understand. Unless you cut yourself and show him your blood.

Sometimes I wanted so much, for someone to listen to the voice of my heart but somehow, even if someone did, what they heard was totally different from what I said.

Human is a pathetic being. Bounded in the barrier of language.

Everyone is alone because no man could listen to the voice of another's heart.

There's a big gap between everyone.


LianYao said...



KY KHOR said...

Little Joanna's got big blue eyes
Coconut cream and coffee colored thighs
I could die lying in her arms
where castles are made of sand
We start to dance
But only the music is bleeding when crickets replace the band

Little Joanna's like a lazerbeam sky.
Her gluteus maximus like a firefly
And That's why I'm kissaphobic
Well cellulite dreams are made, like lemonade,
But when the shivers are salty and seafoam's the colour of space.

God, I love Joanna
But she don't understand much
I love it when our hands touch
Knowing that I'm near

Apple-flavored lip gloss
Achilles wears a necklace
Feeling young and reckless
When Joanna is here

She will always be my sunkissed trampoline,
She goes up and down in my heart,
Turned into jelly beans
And I'm starting to believe that danger's never near,
When Joanna is here

你知道上面这首歌说些什么吗?我不懂,这是我见过最 random 及 nonsense 的歌词,可能作者(一名鼓手)自己也具体地解释不了。。。。 但请问你知道他有多爱Joanna吗?你会觉得很深很深,千言万语!



Anonymous said...

swt, learn to speak wit ur heart and it would be any barrier existing anymore...kinda abstract rite?
it's for me to neo, it's for u to find luck...
i dun think i feel any off ur gap i am sincere to everyone...muahahahaa

specialhuman said...

lian yao:









lol. You single-celled organism, sure can communicate with everyone easily la. Cos the things that u think is so superficial ma. Wait till u think profoundly then tell me sincerity is enough. hahaha.
just kidding la.

U think i m not sincere? Sometimes you need more than that to truly convey your thoughts to another person. Like now, I'm trying to tell you how I feel but apparantly you didn't get my point. hehehe.

Therefore, it's important to learn more. Deepen the knowledge of languages you already mastered, and learn new language, to have new concepts. (as i said, each language and culture has its own uniqueness and conceptual words that the other language doesn't have.) hehe.

Let's continue Japanese Level 2 next semester :D

Anonymous said...

cg?who is cg? computer graphic?
nop..appparently if a baby called his dad "papa"
it's seincere enough to

LianYao said...

Sometimes words just can not express our feelings.
Sometimes our actions are much more meaningful than words.
A hug can sometimes express more than our words will ever express.
Sometimes, just being there to listen is more meaningful and helpful to people.

specialhuman said...


lol. so u mean u r as simple as an infant? :P


ya...i guess actions speak louder than word :D

Action itself brings meaning, just like how Jesus was hung on the cross to show his love. lol

Tracy Wan said...

maybe you should first learn to listen to others, not judging other's in your own point of view.
actually we are same kind of person, ppl tend to misunderstood what i am saying. after all attack and teasing i learnt to keep quiet, but soon i noticed that this is not the kind of life i want. but luckily i met my classmate, they are the same kind of person as me...

from them, i notice that, communication is not just on language, mayb a helping hand, or accompanying them when they are sad or as a listener is one type of communication too...

soon, they'll look into your heart, they'll listen to your heart instead of ur mouth.

but frankly speaking, it need a long time to let someone to really understand you.

sorry for typing all the bullshit here. just... wish you all the best ^-^

specialhuman said...

tracy wan:

yo thanx for leaving a comment here. :D Appreciate it.

~R3n3e~ said...

i hv d same prob like u...-ve -ve = mayb u communicate wit me will b!!

specialhuman said...

haha....then we'll just end up in silence :)

Anonymous said...

only if we were able to pour ourselves completely, or perhaps we'll appreciate more on gaps.

specialhuman said...


I don't pour myself out completely and yet I don't really appreciate the gap.

I just hope that I could let people get it when I want them to understand me.

moses@トラ said...

hmm.. i do not have anything wise to offer but got some thought to share.. for someone to know what's in your heart. Like Tracy Wan had said wisely, "it need a long time to let someone to really understand you." I totally agree with her.

Do u know that sometimes i do feel burden with misunderstandings and backstabs? But God let it happen so tat I can truly find friends that I can lean upon and support me and trust me and they look into my heart instead of the gossips.

I had a very good secretkeeper whom I called her my angel. She know when I am sad and down without seeing me, reading my blog, my personal msn msg or anything.. then she just sms, call or msn me to make my day a bright one. She can read my heart.. and feel my heart beat. But guess how long tat we knew each other?

A friend will look into your heart and not into your look. GAP maybe occured because of friends that go for the appearance? For a friend that sincerely look for a friendship tru your heart and his heart.. there is no GAP.

Gambate for your finals~!

specialhuman said...


U willing to take a long time to understand me? lol....just kidding :D