Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yummy Ulu Yam

It was 29 February and it was after class. 4 cars, 11 guys and 2 gals (all A quest for waterfall and Lor Mee.

These r all click-to-enlarge photos

We took off at about 3 o'clock and we stopped by a reservoir and snapped some pix.

Then we move on to the waterfall

and then my waterproof camera came in handy.

Camwhore ah-ho...:p

and our class-rep chun wan was stripped

Stuntman didi performing a jump....damn powerful.

Top to bottom: Michael, Peipei, Ch'ngCh'ng and didi.

Apparently, it paid off for those who worked out for six (not me though, :P)

On cloud nine

We went a little bit upstream.

The MONSTER amongst the ultramen team

and they started killing each other...

It's art

The idiots and the stones.

Time to eat~

Basically I have never been to Ulu Yam...but I just found this shop Hock Choon Kee online. Somehow it has quite a high rating for it's self-made Lor Mee and if u google Ulu Yam Lor Mee u'll see nice photo of this shop and it's food :D and I think I am lucky enough to not get lost since I bring no map or anything. lol

Gong Bao style Fried cuttlefish

The big time famous Lor Mee in Ulu Yam. Hmmm...I wonder why Ch'ng Ch'ng can be so still in front of

One of the side order, Mann-YeeMee. Well just see how Michael looked at it u'll know how nice it was :D

At the end of the day, we had one of the best time before suffering in tons of assignments and tests and reports and experiments and

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Jeans Way said...

What an "outdated" update ! February 29 ? Almost a month lah, oih...

Anyway, I think Ulu Yam is quite a nice place yah ?

moses@トラ said...

ermm.. actually i am invited to join Perfectman's cg to Ulu Yam waterfall too but did not go bcos promised almost 10 of my friends to play basketball (dun plan to fly airplane bcos i organised it) and plus i got election fever to watch the news up till 4am tat day. =P But i know.. i miss one thing only.. the Ulu Yam Lor Mee! Hehe.. Blek~!

specialhuman said...

jeans way:

sorry lo...really busy update consider not

ya...Ulu Yam is a queit town with nice noodle. and somemore got waterfall within driving distance. The campsite Sungai Sendat also located nearby..

lol...then u have missed out a chance~ that day they went there again on 8 March right? Too bad la u didn't follow. but nvm la...go again next time la :D

KY KHOR said...

the Lor mEe so so only lar.

THERE IS NO PETROL STATION!!! that's the worst part in my last trip to tat place. almost ran out of gas on my way out of that place.

last time we camped at AmberStone Eco site. Mine's Sg.Kalong tho, i think is the sub-stream of Sg. Sendat.

specialhuman said...


lol....i blog it ma...must say until like very nice. Actually the gravy so so la but the noodle is self-made so very chewy and elastic. lol. Our conclusion was the best dish was not Lor i like Penang style lor mee better. The one in Taman Sri Rambai opening at 11pm every night. lol

Yeah. No petrol station and no street lights. Freaked me out. I thought i went the wrong way.

Amberstone Eco...let me google it. lol