Monday, March 03, 2008


Ok! I know it's kinda late to say things about Chinese New Year but forgive me..I really had a hectic schedule last few weeks. and a big sorry to those I promised to upload the photo here. lol.

So this will be a quick one. Some photo some captions and I'll be off. There're a few more TESTS coming and I'll be ORGANIZING a BIG TIME survivor camp this Saturday. Sounds cool ya? Wanna know bout the camp? Click here.

So what did I do in Chinese New Year

Playing with fire. lol

Lou Shang. Muahahaha.

and got some

and CNY is sure a festive season for Reunion. [Click pix below to enlarge]

Nibong Tebal Gang Reunion

Relative Reunion

Primary School 6H Gang Reunion

High School 5S3 Gang Reunion

Nibong Tebal Gospel Hall Gang Reunion lol

Met Lee Chung Wei accidentally. lol. All the best in Olympic.

and I attended a wedding and I was the Emcee. lol~ monkey emcee.

Up next....Ulu Yam Lor Mee and Waterfall post...

Wait till my internet connection is fast

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