Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time is Relative

Apparently, KL has made up his mind to come to Penang after years of 'planning' and 'consideration'. lol.

KL stands for Kien Loong here. He lives in Subang and came to Penang and stayed in my house for 3 days.

So he reached on Tuesday night.

The very next day, we went Alor Setar looking for Solomon.

and we went to Bukit Keriang, a mountain famous for its mass amount of crystal.

The worker actually went inside to dig and harvest some crystal.

Well, it looks pretty normal from the outside

U can get some real nice crystal with a very low price there. Putting them inside a bonsai pot, each small one cost RM 2 - 10 according to sizes and features.

Not green enough to be a kryptonite. lol

and the state of Kedah is famous for its Paddy field so we went to the Paddy Musium.

Zhi Chao aka Solomon, me and KL

Alor Setar is full of paddy field.

and it's not advisable to perform a leap in front of the birth place of Dr. M. lol

and we three went back to Nibong Tebal in the night. Well, we spent our night eating some nice octopus and went on a boat for some fireflies.

I think the number of fireflies in Sungai Kerian, Nibong Tebal is not less than those in Kuala Selangor. It's just that it hasn't been made popular yet.

Well, I didn't take any photo of it (due to some technical issues, hehe) but for sure it was a nice experience. Frankly, I went to Kuala Selangor before I went to this river beside my very own house that I have lived for years to some firefly sight-seeing! Nevertheless, I would say that it's not any worst than it is in Kuala Selangor. and I guess it's one of the very few places in Malaysia to have fireflies.

So another day went by.


Next morning, we crossed the Penang bridge and started another day.

I was planning to go to Pantai Keracut (again!) but it was still too early. So I decided to go to Kek Lok Si (Kek Lok Temple). Kinda old skool ya, haha.

Taken on the Kek Lok Si staircase

Taken on the Kek Lok Si stone

Taken on Kek Lok Si deserted alley.

and it's sinful to go to Kek Lok Si and miss the Air Itam laksa. hahaha

and after 2 hours of strolling in the One Stop Mall arcade (KL insisted cos it's 4 bucks per hour, lol), we got on our way to Pantai Keracut!

So the journey began

Well, nothing better to do in Pantai Keracut~ hahaha

Turtle's eggs underground

Keracut bridge

Leaving as it was about to rain.

So we headed Jalan Perak for some nice food, laksa again. hahaha. and we crossed the bridge and went to Bukit Mertajam for another round of supper.

No wonder I gained weight.

14/12 - 15/12

I'll have to get to KL (Kuala Lumpur) by night to help out in the church kid's camp.

Another 4 hour drive....

It's fun and TIRING at the same time to work with kids

Setting up camps outside my church


How would you describe this face expression? haha

60 kids + 40 grown-ups.

Next week I'll be going to Malacca.

Looking forward to it.

Holiday is fun after I've worked for 2 freaking months and the job sucks a lot.

I have just spent 2 weeks of it but I feel like I have done a lot of things.

Meaningful things.

Now I know why Albert Einstein said:

Time is Relative.

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