Monday, December 10, 2007

Simple stories of...Life

Life is something...substantial? Or essential? I just cant figure it out.

Are we meant to indulge? or...are we meant to suffer?

Were we born for something? or...we got here just by chance.

Why does everyone have different lives? Why does a meal for someone can cost a year of meals of somebody else?

If life is substantial, then why is there someone who is happy with his life when he has nothing at all and why is there someone who isn't when he has everything?

Desire. It drives mankind to reproduce and to survive and it seemingly keeps mankind from extinction.

But now, it swings to the other end of the pendulum. Mankind is endangered by desire. Earth is devastated. Mother nature is tortured.

Do you feel sorry for your unnecessary desire when you see people suffering? I mean....ok, Let's not look at kids in Africa, it's too far. Say, you got a friend, who doesn't have the chance to further his study because he has to support his family. At the same time, you are fussing over which model of laptop or digital camera to buy.

I mean, yeah, you have the money and you have the right to spend it the way you like. you feel guilty? The same amount of money might change the course of life of somebody else and you are gonna use it on some luxury....Get my idea? It's not some South Korean kids that you don't's a friend of you, who loses his chance to do what people at our age should do.

and it is not at all appropriate to approach your friend and give him the money. This is gonna harm the friendship, as it means "I'm on a higher rank than you, I'm HELPING you".....

and it's a bloody dilemma.

Let's look at 2 simple stories of life....that don't actually have anything to do with what I've written.

The Rabbit Story

The story started when I went to ah Ping's house in Penang. He showed me to a dark secret chamber telling me there're snakes and tigers inside.

and I was suprised by 5 cute bunnies in the cage.

So I asked him to release them from the cage.

The rabbits hopped around freely, and the gray one is a limping rabbit. Improper deliverance, he said.

The browny is a shy one. always hiding behind something.

Love to be pampered I guess.

This is an elegant panda bunny

It even posed for the camera! No camera-shy at all!

But the black one is a naughty one. Can't stop biting its friends!

and it purposely picked the weakest one to bully! Causing the gray one to fall into the drain.

Ended up my friend had to take a shower of the gray one.

Oh yeah, not forget to mention that the black one is left alone on a high stool. Meaning it couldn't move at all because it was afraid of height. Serve it right! and we left it there and went out for movie and dinner! hahaha..


The Secret Garden

My mind wandered. and I started to take photo of the plants of the garden of my house. I could hear them whispering.

Birds gathered around to gossip about the recent riot in town.

and the leaves, stretched out hard to reach sunlight.

Even the cactus shed a tear for the unfairness of life (or politic?).

Something in between green and red.

The blossom of the flower needs strength. See, the sweat proves it.

The leaves, showered in rain.

It crawled heavily. Constantly shifting house.

The big one bears the small one.

Diversity unites, in a secret garden


Perhaps, the beauty of life, is the unfairness of it.

The rougher path you have been through, the tougher man you will be.

Let us just stop thinking of ourselves and give a piece of our hearts to the others, shall we?

Life always gives answer, indirectly. I guess.

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