Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pantai Keracut II

Well, today I went Pantai Keracut again~ :D I went there with Bin and Andrew.

Click here for the post on Pantai Keracut last time.


Well, we were not as lucky as the previous one which we saw and held some cute little baby turtles. Anyway, we sped up today and we reached Pantai Keracut within 45 minutes. Not much to say about the hiking. Anyway, we took quite some numbers of photo and i thought i ought to share it here~ :D

Bin, Andrew and me!

A rather cool bin. haha

Green comes from blue. (青出于蓝)

No more acting please...

Jumping high~! (again! lol)

Golden Sunray on the green bush

Behind me is a meromictic lake

Bin and I

Andrew and I

Bin and Andrew.


Jeans Way said...

Wow, what a nice place ! Where is Pantai Keracut ?

specialhuman said...


Go together twice dy....

U memang kiam pak!

Jeans Way said...

At least I am not an "Anonymous" hypocrite !! haha... =P

Just want you to explain the location again without needing to read your earlier post, but you insisted... Sigh...


Solomon said...

waoo...nice place,and pants very beautiful!Finally u bought one...:p

specialhuman said... pants bro one...hahaha