Sunday, December 09, 2007

The City of Lion

Singapore, the only first world country in South East Asia, the only country in the world that prohibits chewing gum. A country with no states nor capital city.

and it's a country so near to Malaysia.

For the very first time, I stepped my foot into Singapore 6 days ago (stop giggling, Johorian!) I went there for a 3 day trip.

Well, undeniably, it's a very clean city. Sophisticated, systematic, well-planned, high-tech, unpolluted, in order, these are the feeling that this country gives u.

Dent-less on the road, minor traffic jam, connected high-way, the traffic in the city is amazing.

KL is incomparable. hahaha.

However, Singapore doesn't appeal to me because of one thing, Everything is so Artificial. All the tourist spots that I went, are man-made. Nothing is natural. Let see the places I went - Merlion Park, Chinese Temple, Chinatown Heritage Centre, Riverpoint Sight-seeing, Science Centre, Sentosa Island, Underwater World, 4D-Theatre, Chinese Garden, NEwater plant, Orchard Road, all those shopping malls......Man-made....

Even the trees are planted according to plan. No touch of nature can be found in Singapore. Every single tree, flower, glass u can find are planted by plan. Even the beaches in Sentosa Island are artificial. U can find tree or bushes that look natural because they were planted to look natural!

Oh ya, not forget to mention that Singapore has made its heritage and history very intriguing. As we all know, our Sejarah Malaysia is a subject that will cast a sleeping spell to the students. Let alone the muzium....and Singapore shares the very similar history with Malaysia....however, they make the history so interesting by a combination of some fancy technology and some touch of fairy-tale stories. I guess it freshened my impression towards Sejarah.....

Singapore government really does a trick to this island. From an island with no natural resources, no natural spot, it is now turned into a greatest country with attractive tourist spots. Malaysia has got a lot of natural spots like beaches, mountain, waterfall....However, if they were made into tourist spot then for sure they will end up polluted and destroyed. For example, our Rantau Abang. It used to be a nice spot for turtle seeing. But due to poor management and enforcement of law, the turtles are now scared away and they don't lay eggs on the beach anymore. Therefore, lately, u don't see the government promoting any spots for turtle sight-seeing, for example, Pantai Keracut....

Nevertheless, it gives Malaysia a sense of mystery and as a Malaysian who loves traveling, it's my job to unveil some hidden tourist spot in Malaysia! hahaha :D Oh ya, by the way, Malaysia has better food! and this alone, make me feel good for living in Malaysia! hahaha! (so it's ballance off the bad-side of Malaysia- the pollution, racial unfairness, political unstableness, low-quality

and i make the photo in Singapore into a frame so it won't take up much space in my blog! :D


Anonymous said...

haha... yaya ... but ...
for me, frankly, I didn't enjoy the trip pun lo... I just feel like, going to abroad is another fresh experience for me.
the tourism there is too xienz haha... tututu ... (critism about government is prohibited in our coutry) ...haha... watever lar ... we WENT to singapore !

Pheobus Aeson Durward MacLeod said...

Oh you went to SG! I just went there in October, that time no Christmas tree also.

Btw, I linked you.


specialhuman said...

kae min:
hahaha....Singapore nothing to enjoy la actually!

Pheobus aeson durwa...i give up:

alright the muscle man! hahaha
let me link u too!