Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Beginning

The end of something is the beginning of something else.

So...tomoro will be my last day working and it'll be the beginning of my one month holiday.

Basically, if you ask me what have i learned in there 2 months, i can write u a long list.

However, sadly, most of them, are non-technical funny little things.

For example, you'll have to learn how to obey a very obscure order.

The superior tells u, "do it"

and u'll have to figure out everything by urself. Be it measuring the length of the wire or photocopying a document. They give u the tools and instruction, and u start doing it.

Well, the other thing that i've observed is 'office politic'

How funny is that. In a small company like that, u'll see people constantly backstabbing or gossiping each other. When the managers r together, they gossip about the boss. So when the supervisors r together, they gossip about the manager.

and I have a clear idea of who holds grudge upon who and who hates who...

haha...I'm as if transparent so people wouldn't care to say funny things in front of me. Perhaps they said things about me too when i was not around. hahaha.

I admit that i was not doing a great job in this company. As there were basically nothing particular for me to do.

Usually I'll stay in the office doing some paper works. Sometimes I go to the site to supervise. Sometimes I sit in the office and read Harry Potter.

Well nothing interesting about my job.

Anyway, I'll be driving back Penang this Friday. Below is my rough schedule for my holidays:

3 - 6 Dec: Singapore with family

13 Dec: Alor Setar, visiting friends

14 - 15 Dec: Setapak, KL, church Children 2 day Camp

19 - 22 Dec: Malacca, visiting friends

30 dec - 1 jan: Tapah, Perak, church camp

Well, this is a very rough layout for my holidays. Please call me and fill them! I'll be very happy to meet some long time no see friends! Yeah! You! I'm talking about YOU! Call me now! XD

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