Friday, October 12, 2007

Mid-October Rant

So it's 15 minutes before 13 Oct 2007 and it was raining heavily out there.

I have started my job in KL for 2 weeks. To make it more accurate, I have worked for 11.5 days. So the first question that popped out from my friends' mouth is always "How's your job?"

and reluctantly I'll answer with a over-dragged "ok lor".

Basically, the truth is that I'm ready for the job but the job is not ready for me. It's like going in the company, I'm as if transparent. No one cares what do I do, what should I do or what will I do in that company. I don't really know what's going on (and I have to guess it through the conversations among 'the others'). Of course there're something for me to do, but it's just the attitude. I think basically everybody in the company is busy - and they have actually no time to train up an interning guy. Therefore it's me who take the initiative to ask and find things to do. Well, there're some politics in the company, as usual, and I would just stay away from that, quietly finished my job. Afterall, I'm not gonna stay long in the company.

Another 4 hours, and I'll be on the car, heading towards Penang. This time instead of going home in Nibong Tebal, I'll get to Batu Feringghi right away. Why? The first reason is that I'll be having a 4day church family camp there. Second, my family are going to Taman Negara for their Raya holiday. Pretty weird huh~? Anyway I'm used to it dy.

For those who frequently visit my blog, a big sorry for not updating it for 2 weeks. There'll be some other very interesting things to be written and it's still hatching up in my head. Patient is a virtue.


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