Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Technically, Ctrl + Alt + Del is pressed when the pc hangs and you end some of those processes to give the pc a break.

We are all living a pretty hectic lifestyle isn't it? We work, we study, we play, we do all sorts of things to fill up our time.

and we are not kind enough to give ourselves a Ctrl + Alt + Del.

You might say, yeah, I do, I sleep, I rest and I have my own entertainment and sorts....

It's not what I mean. We as human of course we'll take time to rest. But the Ctrl + Alt + Del I mean, is kind of like a breakaway from our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly routines. It's looking at your own life from a whole new perspective.

and yeah, it is distinctively different for everybody.

You might want to call up some long-lost good friends and tell them how much you miss them or you might want to sit back and finish a book that you always wanted to read. Or it's taking an one-hour hot cozy shower. Perhaps it's trying to wake up early on Sunday to hike with some really close friends that you haven't seen for a while. It might also be giving a hug to someone you have so taken for granted to show our gratitude. Maybe you would like to ring up your parents and tell them how much you love them. You may need to listen to a good piece of music or start writing a dairy. It can also mean perspiration on the basketball field. It can even be sitting down and start thinking about the one million dollar question - 'What on earth you are here for'?

Well, there are tons of them and everyone would need to press their Ctrl + Alt + Del once in a while. Else you're just gonna overrun your processor.

Lol. Actions speak louder than words. Stop hesitating and start planning your Ctrl + Alt + Del now.

taken 16/5/07, 6:10pm. Outside my house in Nibong Tebal


ky said...

"If you don't Ctrl+Alt+Del yourself i will hard+reset you."

oh well just my random quote inspired by you. :p

specialhuman said...

lol....that's hilarious...