Sunday, September 02, 2007

Singing Lecturer

This semester has ended. Practically in the last week we go to Uni just to get our Mid-Term test and assignment results. Usually the lecturers will not be teaching anymore as there's basically nothing else to teach. and guess what, this lecturer from India, he proposed to sing a song for us. hahaha. a Hindi song. it sounds nice although i don understand a single word.

Anyone can translate that for me?

This is how he looks when he's teaching....hahahaha


~R3n3e~ said...

ahha...ur lecturer sing india song to TAX lecturer sing lagu patriotik,'m'sia berjaya' to us,summore play guitar 4 d 'keranamu m'sia'...!
y d lecturers like to sing recently ya?!

specialhuman said...

lol. I donno a...maybe they all wanted to be Malaysian Idol or wat....hahaha

=chuanguan= said...

i missed tat.omg..he is da coolest lecturer i ever met..haha..

specialhuman said...


then y were u late to his class almost every single lecture? lol =p