Monday, September 24, 2007

Reminiscing Childhood (part I)

I was lying on the bed 5 minutes ago. Exhausted and I felt like sleeping. and I have a very strange way of making myself to fall asleep - my mind wanders. I think about virtually anything: the thing that happened on that day, a few days later, or something I would like to do a few days later, when I'm not that tired I'll talk to God (and I often dozed off before I could end the conversation).

So, just now, my mind wandered back to the time when I was still a kid. So it went on....and suddenly I remembered things. Things that happened when I was younger than 3 year-old. Yeah, probably 2 year old or 3 year old. and it virtually made me feel like jotting them down - so that I'll not forget them. Hence, I jumped down from my bed (FYI, I'm sleeping at the upper part of a double-decker) and logged in blogger.

Hmmm, let me begin with some brief introduction to the place I used to stay from age 0 - 3. Back then, I was staying in a very small hostel inside a primary school (which would be my primary school when i was 7 - 12) in a very small town. It was because my mum was (and still is) the school teacher there. The house was small enough consisting of a small living room (green), a bed room (pink) and a bath room (blue) and an open-air area (yellow). The diagram below will make it clear for u better understanding.

My house's plan

I was the eldest so there were only me and my parents staying in that house. Basically, I was having one of the best moment of my life there.

I had a very strange experience there. I wonder if u guys have encountered this kind of situations of what. I remember sometimes, in the middle of the night, I woke up and I stared at the ceiling. Often, there were fireflies flying around and I could see the green light, sometimes orange, blinking around and it was beautiful. But this is not the point. The peculiar part was, sometimes I stared at the ceiling, and I felt, the ceiling is getting larger, larger and larger and I couldn't stop gazing at it. Somehow it felt like, the ceiling was getting closer and closer but it was not the case as the distance didn't change. I just felt like the ceiling was getting bigger and bigger and I felt weird. I didn't know what to do. So I closed back my eyes and felt asleep and woke up in the morning, looking at the ceiling, wondering why didn't my room get bigger.

Back then, my favourite book was a aquarium fish catalogue. I couldn't read so I just looked at the pictures. I could remember a few fish in the book as when I grew up I reared a number of them. The pictures in the book were drawn in a realistic way. I wonder if the book is still in my house now. Too bad I'm at KL now. Perhaps a few days later when I go back I should go and take a look. Apart from my favourite book, I disliked a book featuring a black cat very much too. The cat gave me a kind of odd feeling which made me feel uncomfortable and I still remember the feeling. It's a very odd feeling and I'm not able to write it out here.

Inside the bed room, there was an air-conditioner. However, it was not often turned on. Well, when it was turned on, it was my favourite moment. In a rare occasion, my dad will move the 14 inch color tv in the living room into the bed room and turned on the air-con. Then, my dad would take out the dried cuttle fish with sugar as the snacks and voila, it was a superb movie day. So the three of us would be lying on the bed while eating the snacks and I always loved to cover myself with a thick and warm blanket. Of course I couldn't remember what movie we watched but it was a perfect setup for a movie. and I love dried cuttle fish till now!

Sometimes, I built myself a castle by hanging blanket over my double decker which was placed against the wall and stuffed the bed with pillows and cushions and sat inside the bed and declared myself a prince. Then waiting for a princess to come but there was always no one coming. and till now, I like my bed to be full of blankets, pillows, cushions and any soft stuffs that can make me feel as if I were on the clouds.

I remember lots of tiny little things in my house. I remembered the sticker with a panda and with the word WWF on the drawer of my dad's desk. and it was the World Wildlife Fund logo. and I remember my favourite show was Doraemon. and I remembered the little ABC desk and the picture for Y was yacht. and I remember the green little soldier which I imagined fighting with the dinosaur. and I remember the glass door of the cupboard.

WWF logo

and I remember the type of life I had. It was a life with no trouble, no worry, no limit. I could catch the fireflies and kept them in a glass bottle. I could read any books I want (though I was illiterate). I could watch tv anytime. I could act like I was the prince of the world.

I really miss those time. Do u?

I loved (and still love) piano!

I was (and still am) a poser!


kL said...

Eh the part where u said that the celling is getting larger and closer... i think i know what is it.. i watched it in some chinese movie.. that situation is called "bei gui ya" (pressed by the ghost).... hahahaha.... bt nw this won't happen to me ady... coz i sleep in the lower part of a double decker... if I can see something coming closer, for sure that is the upper part of the double decker... and I won't be able to survive to blog anymore.... hahahaha

ky said...

Stories from 0-3 years old? *shock* zOMG Déjà vu u need a doctor. :p

My folder for 1-3 years old had corrupted, only 1 file left. XD

specialhuman said...


hahaha. then exchange place la. U sleep second deck i sleep first deck! want? =p


lol. I have strong memories...

Lynn said...

u really got strong memories man..beh guai la..u turn out to be a genius..after reading ur blog..suddenly i got a feeling~~grow up ain't a good thing,ya? i really miss those no worries time~~