Monday, September 10, 2007

My first job

Today i went for an job interview after my exam paper. Basically it's an interview for an internship for my coming semester break. I'm lucky enough to get the company nearby my house in Setapak, KL. It's 10 minutes driving distance from my house. and it was a success for the interview.

The company is a Mechanical and Engineering Company. Basically my job scope is to assist the engineers. The company name is Avo Technology, if u r interested just take a look at the website.

Well the allowance is reasonable for an internship student. After all, my main goal is to learn thing, and be reminded that I'm still an undergraduate Year 2 student. Don expect me to spend u McD or even economical rice as the allowance may not be more than the income of a pirated DVD seller. lol.

Hopefully I'll learn much from this job. I'll be start working from 1Oct to 31 December, 5 and a half days per week. 830-530. Please wish me all the best XD the first exam paper was commenced and I guess it was ok. But this Thursday the coming one....I'm not so confident about it. Anyway, I'll try my very best. and to know my exam time table please take a look at the side bar (below the shout-out box).

I'm gonna sleep. Take care everybody~! For those who r having exams too, WORK HARD! No more slackin' off~!


Zhi Chao said...

u get the 1st job ar,remember to belanja me when u get ur paid ar....haha!Although i m not in KL when u work,but i will purposely come back c u n let u treat me 1!Haha...All the best in ur job!God bless yah...:-)

specialhuman said...

hahaha. thanx. No money lar...maybe u have to treat me somemore...hahah