Saturday, August 25, 2007

Serving in the Ministry

What I'm gonna blog about today falls under a brand new labels in my blog - Christianity.

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Somehow, I don often talk about it in my blog. It's simply because I don have any idea what to write about it. Well, today I'm gonna talk about serving in the ministry.

Basically it means doing things related to church and Christianity. Well the outsiders may look at it the same way as all the religious fanatics do their so-called religious things. Well you can see it that way but somehow it's a bit different.

In almost all religions, the followers do things so that they gain something. Or it's known as Karma. You do good things, you get good things. Well this is indeed true. However, serving in the ministry, is somewhat different from doing good deeds.

You can assume that, when a Christian is serving, he's doing a job for a big boss up there. and he has do the right things instead of do things right.

Therefore, it's different from Karma. You may not get rewards for what you have done. and it's different from doing it for the greater good, it's doing things for the Greatest God. and you may have to spend your time and money and energy and you can't claim it back (on earth, I mean). You may need to care for someone you don't really know, or worst, someone you hate and you know you are not doing it so that you can go to the heaven or get a brand new Mercedez or get a pretty hot girl fren. You are doing it because it's a job. A job for the Almighty.

and now you'll ask, who the heck is going to work so hard for nothing? Well, I'll give u an example:

On one unlucky day, you fall into a river. (well assume you can't swim) and you struggle, yell and is about to drown. and someone saved you. He risked his life to jump into the river with anaconda to save you. and he succeeds. and you are saved. and he happens to be the president of United States! (ok i know you hate him, let's change, assume he is Brad Pitt, ok or Lee Hom or ....whoever you admire the most, just insert the name yourself!) and you feeeell soooooo grateful, so you decide to serve him, even without any rewards. As long as you don't starve, you'll try yourself to thank him, and that, is kind of similar to serving the Almighty.

Ok, now you get my idea. and the purpose of ministry, is to let more people get saved. (Let's just assume we earthlings r all drowning in the sea of ______ (fill in the blank: greed, lust, sin, pride, sadness, agony, evil, crime....whatever you could think of). So the Christian's job is to introduce the best swimmer in the world to everyone. But people often misunderstand Christians. They say Christians are fanatics, or worse, lunatics. In fact, we are just a bunch of people who try to tell others that we are saved and we are happy, or better, joyful with that.

and to serve, is our greatest pleasure.
However, we human beings always make things worse. and Christian are humans too. which means Christians make mistakes too --- perhaps even more. Serving in this ministry may lose it's meaning --- when the motivation or the method is wrong.

When a Christian serves to satisfy his own pride and own self and any other purposes, then his serving loses its meaning. The effect may still be there, but the big boss dislikes this kind of service as it's no more genuine.

Second, when the service has sabotaged the server's own life, it's a service that the big boss frowns on it. For example, a Christian serves, until he has no time for his family, his children or his friends. He has no time to care about them. He just wants to fulfill everything he planned, follow his tight schedule and he ignores people around him. and it may cause people to dislike him. He may be a workaholic and he just transforms his addict to another field.

Another one, a Christian serves, genuinely. But his thinks that serving is so important, so he ignores his own paid job or his own studies. He serves passionately and allocate most of his time on his service. Less time is paid for his own job or studies. and he becomes an employee who dozes off when the employer speaks in a meeting. or he becomes a student who tries to copy from others in the exam because he has no time to study properly for his exam.

Both of the example are bad. Do not ever learn from that. and please do not be a Christian that doesn't serve too!

Be well balanced, wise and energetic!

A quote from the bible: 

We are not again requesting your approval, but we are giving you the chance of taking pride in us, so that you may be able to give an answer to those whose glory is in seeming, and not in the heart. For if we are foolish, it is to God; or if we are serious, it is for you.

Second Corinthians 5: v12 -13

天我想blog关于我的信仰。我不是很常谈到这个东西,因为我很少有什么概念该写什么 。不过今天的主题是“事奉”. 相信这是个对非基督徒来说很陌生的一个名字。但是基本上它意思是做一些有关教会或基督教的工作。 非基督徒经常认为做这样的东西的人是宗教狂做所谓宗教的仪式。其实,这是有所不同的。



因此,事奉与因果报应不同,你做了不一定得到什么奖赏。事奉也不是为了大众着想,而是为了大老板而努力。你可能需要花钱费力用时然后你claim不回来。 (至少是当你还在地球上时)你可能需要关心一些你不怎么认识的人或者更惨,你恨的人!然后你知道你去关心你恨的人并非为了上天堂或得到跑车或交个超级口爱 的女朋友。你事奉只是因为它是一份为了大老板而做的工。


你有天跌进水里。又不会游泳。有人不顾危险救了你一命。然后你发现他是____(请填上一个你偶像的名字,例子: Brad Pitt, 王力宏, Rain, Jolin......随便你)那么你一定赴汤蹈火都在所不惜啦!而这,就是事奉的定义啦!










哥林多后书 5:12-13节


=chuanguan= said...

wa..trying to clarify for ya tribemates?haha..bluek

ky said...

bloody long post, this is. met some of ur 'collegues' in the book fair saying that u're there a day before. wow the book fair's like 武林大会 so many celebrities of christian world.

but somehow i think 福音堂 is the weakest of all. :/

Zhi Chao said...

nice written,haha!We mz b a hardworking & responsible christian who willing to serve our Boss all the time without claiming anything from HIM!AMEN

joe wee chuah said...

there are always rewards for's just that they're not always earthly rewards!! We serve because we love HIM, our big boss, our Heavenly Father!! It's a way of showing our love for Him. But always remember 2 things, are we serving because it's our duty, or are we serving because we love Him and we are willing to serve!! So keep serving my friend!

specialhuman said...


Tribemates? Clarify? I'm


Well why not you come out with a book, or better, a game, about 基督群侠传?lol. sounds great.

and give more time to gospel hall lar, there're still rooms for improvements.

zhi chao

wah! it's your first time leaving a comment here! hahah thanx ya!


i think it's the combination of both love and duty. We are responsible and give our best to what we serve, that's duty. We don't mind walking the extra miles to help others and don't accuse others for being not good enough, that's love. That's wat keep us going!

All the best ya!

ky said...

i attended 1 church meeting wif more than 2k ppl in sunway last week.

the ppl there r "crazy" about church ministry. when u're crazy in something u'll grow strong in that thing although the "crazy" in you might lead you 2 do the wrong thing.

fyi it's a church with strong charismatic movement.

specialhuman said...

it's more important to do the right thing than to do things right!

i think i know the church...CT Harvest?

Anonymous said... i be welcome??
hmm..i totaly agree wat u say, we are human, will do wrong thing. important is we noe that and we do our best to fixed it.
serving the God wil make our life colourful and joyful again,can learn alot by doing that...

specialhuman said...


hahaha. sure you r welcomed. My blog is for everyone :D hehehe. thanx for ur comment

Ya, we should all learn from our mistake~! :D

God bless and all the best!

Moses @ ryuuko said...

Christians tat willing to sacrifice time and sweat to serve HIM but however as u said in ur blog... we must balance our time serving HIM, our studies and friends surrounding us too if not the flame of faith in our hearts will be burnt out. The sacrifice of Christians in HIS ministry sometimes we can't understand the determination and strength to carry HIS cross but we know tat HE is beside us all the time. AMEN?

specialhuman said...


hey thanx for dropping by~! :D
Yeah I kind of get what you tried to say! hahaha.