Sunday, August 05, 2007

National Mathematics Competition

Sometimes I thought about my life. I'm working hard towards becoming an engineer.

It's my own choice, forced by no one. Somehow I think dealing with electricity is cool. So I pick up this course, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

and to be an engineer, of course I'll have to have a good sense of Math.

Today I went for a National Math Competition organized by UTAR. It was quite happening and I screwed up. and that's not the point. The point is, a high school kid won the champion.

It somehow made me feel inferior. it hit me right in my face. anyway, found out that he's the national representative for international math olympiad competion and his ranking is bronze medal.

Apparently, my math is not that up to standard. i cant quit studying engineering just because of that. After all, engineering is not about just math. it requires brains. a lot of them.

i think i've got some good brain.

until one day someone proves me wrong. hahaha.

and it was happening in my church this night. it'll be a memorable night to me.

and i feel like uploading a picture of my assignment group. and that has got nothing to do with my blog today.

hahaha. i'm going haywire.


=chuanguan= said...

try harder

specialhuman said...

hahah...watever, i don give a damn =P

ky said...

"music is the vibration of molecules in the air that exists as wave. Human beings enjoy music by using their brains to perceive the electrosignal that's transformed from the vibration of ear drums. Music has the speed of sound which is 343 m/s in the air."

hmm... seems like rocket science cannot differenciate music and noises. :p

specialhuman said... is encoded with a pattern which is pleasurable to human...and animals and plants perhaps....

noise is in random pattern instead.