Monday, August 20, 2007


We were given an assignment on designing an attenuator...and here's the process.....

Soldering the resistors

Drilling the PCB

I was fooling around.....

Drilling the casing

Cutting wire~

Fooling around AGAIN....

The PCB is now soldered with a T-attenuator!

Voila....Here comes our T-Attenuator....

I'm too busy to write something....but yesterday I attended a wedding~ A lot of photo there....However the photos r not with me...will update it soon...hahaha...

This is my very first assignment that involves designing and practical works....looking forward to more of them~ hahaha....and that's wat keep me busy for the whole week. Don't blame me for not updating my blog!

Well don't accuse me of doing nothing just by looking at the photos! I actually did a lot of stuffs! It's just that no one takes my photo when I was seriously doing work! hahaha~ =P

Peace out~


=chuanguan= said...

copyright..stealing ppl's idea would ending behid the cell bar u neo...or..we can settle out side..i wan sushi king..haha

specialhuman said...

i blogged that b4 i read ur blog.....honestly...:(

ky said...

hey just in case u feel want to. i found a way to cheat away the google banner on top: oh replace the "[" and "]" to "<" and ">".

paste the script below before the [/head] tag in template "edit html" section.

[style type='text/css']
#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;

ha i tested them on slc and my blog lol.

specialhuman said...

u r evil! XD