Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have been trying hard, to write some happy things that happened around me in this blog. I thought and I thought, there must be something happy to be written about.

Well, I'm not so pessimistic, there were tons of happy things I went tru. But I don't feel like writing them. Why? Because for me, it's hard to convert something merry, happy, joyful into words. Secondly, the happy things that I experienced, they happened to everyone else. therefore there's nothing special about it to be written about.

and perhaps, the world is sadder than I've ever imagined.

Try to think of the happiness u have experienced. and try to think of the wickedness, sadness, jealousy, hatred, pride, humiliation and anger u have felt.

Be honest and think, isn't the happiness always on the higher side of the weighing scales?

This is a world that is damned.

When we r seeking for entertainment, at the same time it means we r trying to ignore the darker side of the world. The world is too freaking crowded. and there're too many suffering. Children r dying, people r getting killed over some insignificant matters.

and yet we r sitting in an air-conditioned room, watching movie with pop corns in the hands.

It's not we don want to do something, but we r strengthless. So we indulge, we think about ourselves, we try to live in a comfortable way and try to forget about the fact that we r living in a damned world.

No one can ever run away from death, no one can. Yet no one wants death. Isn't it a sign that we r damned.

In a perfect world, there should be no death. and there'll be no suffering. Because we have limitless time to care about others and ourselves. and we wont have to be so selfish. Because we have limitless life span. and we'll not starve to death even if we don eat.

Human accepts death as a fact. Why? because it's a process of nature. Everything dies.

What if it's not? Human gets used to death so they think that it's a natural process. What if we r originally designed for eternity and we die because we r cursed.

Likewise, the chaos of today's world, can be explained that the world was somehow damned.

and I'll not be so unhappy if the world is in order.

I think human somehow know that death is something unnatural, if not why do we see it as a taboo and are so afraid of it? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

diff ppl have diff kind of thoughts..this is just an example from u..mayb not for others..haha..
to me..i am not in ur ist i guess..

specialhuman said...

it's always more than that. it's a fact.

men r dying and we could do nothing to stop it.

i perceive death as a damnation. because almost everyone is afraid of death.

dont u?

ky said...

bcoz of death, nothing about us is forever. bcoz nothing is forever, we learn and put more weight on feelings such as love, appreciation, regrets etc.

yup i'm afraid of death, but i'm even more afraid of living. *haiz*

specialhuman said...


well....just live it out~

we have no choice but to live....

so, choose to live a better and more meaningful life~!

anson said...

i love that! ur reply! afraid of death, but even more afraid of living!
tat's true! everyone of us is living.. somehow u still have to even thou u hate to..
as wat kv mentioned, y not we live in a better way or more meaningful way?
of coz we can choose the life that suit our taste.. but i always remember a phrase, "we are not living on an isolated island alone, but we are living with billions of "damnations" in this world..yes we are cursed, and we became damned.. too bad.. cant avoid tat.. *_*