Friday, July 27, 2007

Believe - 相信

Lyric by Kae Vin
Music and Vocal by Joe

总是相信 不完美 也要精彩
所有事情 都不可能 重来
所以 把握机会
将有限的生命 涂上色彩

信念是一种能量 刺激身上每一个细胞
让血液流着希望 让生命发热发光

请相信 遗憾已经成为过去 后悔已经来不及 只有张开你的眼睛
深呼吸 让幸福成为目的地
请相信 相信自己的能力 怀疑实在太多余 不要让手脚冰冷麻痹
别哭泣 忍着痛楚飞向理想之地

download it

Some lyrics I wrote for my best friend ever, joe, about 4 years ago....and it's now tuned with a new melody~

Have fun listening to it, and have fun writing feedbacks!


=chuanguan= said...

da lyric ok..but chiao han said da vocal and da singer need to try

specialhuman said...

lol. it was a 100% home-made mp3.

the piano was played by joe and even the back-up voices were recorded by himself. the arrangement, intro, bridge, drum beats, strings, all done by him and all using a computer microphone. the quality is considered very good in these conditions. hahah. and his voice is perfectly accurate. doesn't even hear any pitchy part.

usually a song u heard was produced by a group of experts. and it was produced in a sound-proof studio which no noises will be recorded.
but this song was done in a usual room.

hahaha. Every singer has rooms for improvement. but he's just a normal guy who is doing accounting. Come on, give people some encouragement mar.

blueseason20 said...
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blueseason20 said...

not bad if got chance can play with band ^^

specialhuman said...

blueseason: time play this song in band lar...nice lei

megdalyn said...


specialhuman said...


eh....long long time no see!! how r u lately~? :D

thanx :D

huiru said...

Like this so much. This song can publish d!