Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

be honest and think.

imagine, u saw a couple, a hot chick with a fat and ugly guy, holding hands, sweetly and intimately or a cute guy cuddling with a girl suffering from obesity and pimples in a cinema.

Frankly, u will feel uncomfortable right? It's a negative feeling. No matter who r u, where r u from, or watsoever. It feels weird. Perhaps u don really have any feeling. But their intimation somehow will stirr up something in ur head.

Isn't that true?

What was ur feeling when u first heard the story of 'Beauty and the Beast'? U feel nervous for the princess don't you? U think that the pretty princess shouldn't be with the ugly beast and u feel so bad for the princess. and, the story ends with the beast turning into a handsome prince. That is the perfect ending and then u feel satisfied with the story. What do u feel if the story ends with the princess fall in love with the beast and the beast doesn't transform into a prince?

Even fairy tails are educating the children that looks are very important.

Without any choice, we judge someone by the first glance. Whether s/he is good-looking. and no doubt those who r, get more attention.

But the wiseman says, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' and there are tons of sayings in every language, that we shouldn't judge someone by his/her look.

but We can't help it, can we?

First impression brings great impacts isn't it? We look at someone beautiful and we'll think that he/she must be kind-hearted or watsoever.

and this is so wrong.

but why are we, still feeling bad when we see a pretty gal with an ugly guy or vice versa, meanwhile we know that appearances mean nothing?

Appearances do not equal to the hearts. This is what I have learnt so far.

or am I the only one who feel weird with 'unequal-appearance-couple'?

I need your comment.


joe wee chuah said...

that makes u think really. But i think that an ugly guy together with a pretty girl or vise versa dont give me a weird feeling. But is stir up the same question, that is "why are they together? I dont understand?!" It's like saying a good looking person deserves another good looking person, or the ugly looking ones deserves to be together...haha...that's funny isnt it?
Oh well, when u truely love someone, u love them for who they are. for example a really hot chick love an ugly guy not because of his appearance, but because of his money!! LOL. so that's not true love anymore right?? hehe

Anonymous said...

this question is so need's like normal feeling to have all those..ok?
we always tend to compare each other..which means fall into ur case as well..we always want da best thing for ourselves and do hint away from wat we cannot approach..when we saw ugly gals or guys together with charming guys or pretty gals..something would stir in our mind.."omg..she/he wouldnt deserve this..he/she could find someone better or suits him..wasted" was like u graduate wit a degree and ppl saw u sweeping the floor at da road side..well..u can argue wat u wan.but definately..a normal human..holy/kind-hearted or wat so ever would think da same way..cheers~

Kyflein said...

weird, but somehow maybe it shows true love exist in them...haha... yea, there might be some other reasons behind that.

though, I prefer this to those who only go for someone who fulfills their criteria for (good) looks...

specialhuman said...


ya....perhaps true love has it all..

look is just one of the criteria. and it shouldn't be prioritised.


not spoonfeed lar!! i was trying to express my thoughts in a more detail way!

the problem is that, will we despise people because of their looks? so meaning we think

good looking = degree certificate

pretty gf/bf = good job


those with good look deserves those with good look.

is different with

those with good degree deserves good job

because we can work hard for our degree, but we cant work out for our look....

think about it.


so u prefer unequal-appearance-couple to those who seek only for looks....

so wat should be the criteria?

Nicholas said...

The looks only matters when u r looking....tat means thru ur eyes...when two person are in love...they doesn't look at each other, they SEE wat is deep within...William shakespeare once said, love with the mind n nt the eye, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind. Get it?

Anonymous said...

You are envy to the couples, aren't you?As you are single and you think you r better than a "beast"(lolx), why the beast got a pretty 1 instead of you?Is this the "real" weird feeling that you are having?

specialhuman said...


lol. is he blind anyway?


Lol. Perhaps. but my feeling is more to sympathizing the pretty girl. Envy...maybe...but i believe there's more than meet the eye. hahaha...