Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pantai Keracut

It was awesome! Today I went hiking with another 2 frens. The place was known as The End of The kinda match with the blockbuster movie pirate of the carribean III.... Well this hill is located at the very north and west part of Penang Island. Meaning u go all the way up Batu Feringghi to Teluk Bahang and hike and u'll be there. See picture below for better understanding

Zoom in......

The blue line indiates the hiking route

{Thanx to Google Earth~! :D}

So Pantai Keracut is the beach enclosed by mountain. So to reach there you have to hike for about 1 hour in the mountain. and it was amazing...coz it's like jungle trekking + mountain hiking + beach. So you get a 3 in 1 package.

Moreover, along Pantai Keracut, the turtle actually lays eggs! and i was lucky enough to see the turtles hatched and we were even allowed to hold it and play around with them!

Then the beach was beautiful coz it remained unpoluted. Because to reach there you have no choice but to hike. So there r few ppl who r willing to hike for an hour to get there. Moreover it's a protected area so I guess ppl r not allowed to trash the place or watsoever.

n of coz, I took a lot of photo. and here r some of them.

On the way to Pantai Keracut

A rather nice path

So I stood on the stone of Pantai Keracut


It was soooooo cute!

See I kissed a turtle

A handful of baby turtles!

Belly Button of baby turtle~ :D

*baby turtle crawling* ON my stomach!!

Yeah the 3 lucky fellows. Turtle for sale? heheheh.

Took this picture in my fren's sis' house. I love these 2 Siberian Husky~!


anson said...

u r so lucky bro! could even touched the turtle.. dun let CF knows about tat.. :D

kL said...

walau. Belagak la, go c turtle. I should follow you bac to penang la. I din even c a real turtle b4 leh. Summor wat jungle trekking, mounting hiking make me envy a lot leh. Next time got place like that muz tell me k. I sure ON de...