Thursday, April 12, 2007


The above is my coming exam schedule~

Exam is always annoying, but at the same time it is saying "Time to relax after then"...

One thing I gonna tell u all is that this end of May i'll be climbing Mt KK[Mountain Kota Kinabalu]. (relax, it's not Everest anyway). So please pray that I'll be home in one piece after that. hehehe. It has been one of my 'to-go' destination. So far I have been to Redang, Taman Negara in Pahang...there're still some others to-go places in my list, will sort them out one day~ hehehe.

By the way, I'll be going back to Nibong Tebal probably on 8 or 9 of May. For those who ancitipate to see me so much, please do not hesitate to ring me up~ wuahahah~ and I'll be going to Mt KK on 21 May n stay there 4 five days n then go back to KL coz Uni is reopening on 28~

This coming holiday, when I m back in Penang. I have sorted out a 'to-eat' n 'to-do' list in this 2 and a half week holidays.

Let's start with to eat
To Eat
1. Nibong Tebal Gong Qi Laksa, Ice Kacang and Wantan mee. *9 May*
2. Jalan Perak Laksa
3. BM Taman Sri Rambai Ah Ngau Mid Night Hokkien Loh *16 May*
4. N.T Ah Thai Tomyam mee, Octopus(Tuboseng). *11 May*
5. N.T Under Big Tree Tomyam Mee
6. N.T Opposite Pai Teik Alumni Club Pork Kuey Tiaw.(Tubakhun) *10 May*
7. Parit Buntar Beef Kuey Tiaw (Gubakhun) *11 May*
8. SMJK Jit Sin canteen Jawa Mee
9. N.T Pai Teik Alumni Club Char Kuey Tiew n Loh Bak.
10. The restaurant behind my house Tomyam Fish (Siam Chui Hu) 18 May

Hmmm....let's not be so greedy...these 10 will be satisfying my ever drooling

and To-Do list..

1. Jogging at least once a day, 5km each time (preparation for Mt. KK~!)
2. Finish up these 2 books: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck *15 May* and Princess by Jean Sasson *16 May*. No time to read it up since January...
3. Have myself a hair cut. *9 May*
4. Go for a movie with long-time-no-see friends. *9 May*, still have some other movies n frens to go....

I guess that's all for today~ Thank you for reading~ XD


ky said...

Hey i dun have digicam. Make sure u got some hot digicam that can put our face into the pics below!

ketvin said...

Wow ~ Bring me to the nice food when I'm there next time ~

By the way, just to share with you my moment-of-glory on KK. I'll wait for yours ~
(username= my username and password= my full name)

sicy said...

Walao! I almost forgot "The Good Earth" is still with you~

By the way, Mitch Albom's (author of Tuesday with Morrie) new book has been released!!! Check it out~

specialhuman said...

try my best

that's cool~!

hahaha. I'll certainly finish it~!