Sunday, March 25, 2007

Road Rage

It was 2 hours ago. I was driving in KL city, off jalan genting klang, looking for a parking space. Two of my room mates were with me and we were about to have dinner. There were cars everywhere (Malaysians' usual way of parking) so I slowed down in case I missed any space.

And then there was this car, coming from nowhere, tailed me close enough to squeeze an ant into halves, and honked as if his car was about to give birth. Then i was pissed off. So I braked and halted my car. and thinking the positive side, perhaps the car driver was going to tell me that my car tyres punctured or watsoever.

So i pulled my car up by the roadside, and the car stopped beside my car. I looked into the car, there were a dad n a mummy n 3 kids at the backseat. So i tot there were something wrong with my car - usually a man with his family wouldn't be so reckless.

But I was so wrong. The fellow went down his car n came beside me. Then I winded down my window, and the first thing he said,
(18 pl - vulgar words r translated directly. Proceed with parents supervision if u r under

"[in pretty rough cantonese] Do you fucking have a car license"

"Yes I have [with pretty confident]"

"THEN why the fuck r u driving like a pussy tortoise [acting tortoise]..."

"I was looking for a parking space [staring into his eyes]"

"WTF then why the fucking hell u fucking pulled up in front of me suddenly....?"

"I tot u were calling me...[staring into his eyes again innocently]"

"Why the fuck would I call u? U bastard....where r u from, huh?"

"....[decided not to tell him anything about myself]"

"Then do u know WHO AM I???"

"[LMAO, who the hell knows u????]....I have no idea....[staring into his eyes with sarcastic smile]"

and I saw his wife was waving her hands showing a sorry + embarrassed face. n too bad I couldn't see how were his children reacting.

"U better fucking watch out..." he stomped away with anger.

So I remembered his car plate n car model, latest Toyota Camry WPT 7313. LOL. n i logged in JPJ website n sent a report complaining his attitude. i wondered will JPJ even

This is a crazy world. A father of 3 kids could behave like a barbarian and ran amok juz like that. How ill is this society? Can anyone tell me?

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Lol. Tell you, you'll meet all sorts of people on the road. Recently I was driving and there was one car in front of me, going like 20kmph. Annoyed, I overtook him, and saw that he was yakking away incessantly on his handphone. As I did so, I gave him a honk and a glare. It must have been one hell of a glare cos it made him drop his phone and flip me his middle finger ^.^ Until that moment I honestly believed guys only expressed that emotion to guys. LOL

But in your case it was drastic la. I think if I were you I'd have sped off straight away

How do you say fuck in cantonese anyway ^.^

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you'd met an uncivilize person. dont give a damn. cheers.

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Looking for a parking space is fine, but you also need to be considerate of cars behind you. You are obviously blocking traffic and you didn't signal. Yes, road rage is bad. But passive aggressive drivers like you are just as bad.