Wednesday, March 21, 2007


He is a student. He is doing his electronic certificate in a free government college with some allowance. He is doing a part time job. He starts off his day at 4am every morning to distribute newspaper and then he begins studying from 8 to 6.

It was in a bus stop. She looked old and dirty. She was waving her hands with all her might. She wanted to say something but she's mute. The person beside her couldn't really get what she meant. I guess she was saying she lost her money or one pack of milo and 2 slices of banana costed all she had.

She has 3 children. She has no job. Her husband can barely hold one thing after he was stroke by apoplexy. There's no income but there are spendings.

It all happens at a same time and space...around me.....At a same time, I see people who waste their lives and waste their time. They kill one hour time with amount of money that the poors use in a month, or perhaps more. They think that they deserve to have what they have. They are taking everything for granted. They do not appreciate things they have. They just simply makes the world worse.

The world economic system makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, the dumb dumber, the smart smarter.

Lives varies. For some, it's luxury, for some, it's struggle, for some, it's priceless, for some, it's worthless.

I see all walks of life.

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