Tuesday, January 02, 2007

High Altitude New Year

I was on the top of Fraser's Hill with my church mates on the new year eve. A few hundreds meter from the sea level. I guess it's the coldest new year eve i have ever had. lol. Then on the new year day itself, we went to an orchard with a variety of fruits in the middle of Karak-KL highway. Wat attracted me about eating fruits in orchard was u can climb n pluck n eat n throw. Kinda like monkey. lol.

Live Sex Show on Fraser's Hill!!!

Merciless Chicken Skewer

On Cloud Nine

I'm 'redder' than the flower..

No...this is not the way to eat durian....

U have to open a durian like that first....

Ya.....this is the right way to eat a durian....ignore the tongue though....

It tasted better eating mangosteen on the mangosteen tree..


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